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TV Roles for Adam

Contributed By Jerry Leisure

  • 4 October 2012


Adam is 13 years old and is an active member of High Wycombe Ward in the Staines England Stake.  Ordained a deacon after his 12th birthday, Adam enjoys attending youth activities and sometimes helping lead them.

“Paintball in August was a favourite joint activity”, says Adam, “and I enjoyed teaching a table tennis activity recently with my Dad”.  

Adam has a range of skills and talents.  He is not only an England ranked table tennis player (coached by his father) but is now a part-time working actor.  

“I was invited to be in the school play when I was eight”, explains Adam, “and ended up in the lead role of the Mayor of Hamlyn.  No-one expected me to do particularly well as I had no experience and I was below average in most of my classes (due to an early childhood developmental problem).  But as I learned it with my drama teacher Mr. Davies and my parents, it all felt good, and on the day it seemed all the parents were amazed at how well I did!  Then, around the same time, one of the Dads in the school playground had a friend who was a student film director and needed two young brothers for a short movie for his college course. So my brother Sam and I volunteered and we filmed it at our house as the location! The crew took over the house for two days and nights and transformed it!  It was so fun - the street outside was even lit up for outside shots after dark!  Then I got offered more amateur roles helping other student film directors until I built up a CV and one of the students got involved in a commercial movie and suggested me for a part.  Since then I've been in several things.  I think all these experiences have really helped me develop and I’m fine these days with my school subjects.  I've been directed by Clint Eastwood (Mum was so excited to meet him!), found a great agent, Sherina, and got a part in the forthcoming ITV drama, 'Mr. Selfridge' (out early 2013) with Jeremy Piven and Katherine Kelly of Coronation Street.  I'm also in another ITV drama, ”Broadchurch“ out in 2013 which stars David Tennant (ex-Dr. Who).”  

Adam is now so busy working that he's home schooled.

“It was my primary school which gave me my first break, but overall I love being home schooled”, says Adam. “I get to have my Mum as my main teacher and she's just an amazing teacher.  She or Dad come to the sets, and I get to do lots of educational and sporting activities with family and friends.  We all have to be very organised, even Grandma and Grandad!  I've been very blessed with a strong family who taught me to live worthily and to aim for success and serve others.”



Photographs used with permission of Colin Wilson

Photographs shows Adam as his deacons quorum know him and Adam playing the lead role of Oscar in the production “Oscar's Way”