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Updates to Calendar Improve Usability

  • 1 November 2011

The new calendar improves scheduling for ward and stake administrators, as well as general members.

A major update to the calendar under “Tools” on will give ward and stake clerks, building schedulers, and general members a more effective way to keep track of and coordinate ward and stake events.

Launched on Wednesday, October 26, Calendar 2.0 includes both interface and functionality improvements, just as most wards and stakes are entering the 2012 planning period. The calendar is available in 11 languages.

General Members

The calendar shows events for an individual’s ward and stake and allows the user to personalize the view. By regularly checking the calendar, members can stay updated about all the events and meetings going on in their local unit.

The calendar may also be synced to a personal Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal calendar.

Events on the calendar are categorized and color-coded by organizations—Young Men, Young Women, Primary, Relief Society, etc. If one category doesn’t apply to an individual it can be turned off, but can be turned back on if needed.

For those members who regularly need to schedule ward or stake events—Scoutmasters, choristers, elders quorum counselors, and others—the calendar allows multiple members to act as editors, adding and managing events. The calendar keeps everyone coordinated and helps avoid overscheduling or double-booking locations.

Ward and Stake Clerks, Building Schedulers

The setup for the calendar, in order for members to begin using it, requires the combined efforts of ward clerks, stake clerks, and building schedulers.

Once a ward or stake clerk imports the calendar, a stake clerk sets up location information in the calendar. Finally, building schedulers can reserve meetinghouse locations, rooms, and equipment for ward and stake events.

Getting Started

To access the calendar, go to Tools > Calendar on and log in with your LDS Account. If you don’t have an LDS Account, you can register for one at

The calendar will continue to undergo improvements. Users can read a detailed explanation of the calendar and watch short instructional videos online.