Recently Reorganized LDS Stakes in the World

  • 14 February 2014

AUKLAND NEW ZEALAND PAPATOETOE STAKE (January 19, 2014): President—William Adolf Broederlow, 51, supervisor at Mis Properties Service; succeeding Moroni J. Westerlund; wife, Diana Sae Broederlow. Counselors—Siope Fatai, 39, dispatcher and machinery operator at A.M.P.; wife, Meleliana Iveti Tuinukuafe Fatai. Jaraj Ravind Fitisemanu, 47, self-employed; wife, Kim Marlene Waha Fitisemanu.

FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA STAKE (January 19, 2014): President—David Fahrney Lockhart, 53, project manager at Brock Cabinets, Inc.; succeeding Scott A. Beal; wife, Beth Reynders Lockhart. Counselors—Matthew Jason Clark, 41, IT manager at Pinter; wife, Jennifer Kaye Smallwood Clark. Travis Sanders Ross, 37, physician’s assistant; wife, Jocelyn Christensen Ross.

IDAHO FALLS LINCOLN STAKE (January 19, 2014): President—Douglas Blair Watson, 57, facilities manager at BYU–Idaho; succeeding Mark R. Fuller; wife Janile Nielson Watson. Counselors—Hal Mason Wright, 54, land developer owner; wife, Laurie Leishman Wright. Christopher Todd Brown, 49, engineer at Idaho National Lab; wife, Nanette Bough Brown.

LAYTON UTAH STAKE (January 12, 2014): President—Kyle Larry Dearden, 42, director of national sales at U.S. Foods; succeeding Kirk V. Bitton; wife, Stacie Michelle Shaw Dearden. Counselors—Daniel H. Zaelit, 40, purchasing agent at Amsco Windows; wife, Michelle Ann Payne Zaelit. David Krisch George, 47, senior training manager at XO Communications; wife, Nancy Roberts George.

NUKU’ALOFA TONGA SOUTH STAKE (December 8, 2013): President—Naikano Tuipulotu Paletua, 40, store manager at Pacific Timber and Hardware; succeeding Lemiuela Vea; wife Mele Sinisa Paletua. Counselors—Liekina He Lotu Kapiolani Kaufusi, 37, project manager at Oregon Pacific International; wife, Taina Finau Tukauafu. Tevita Vaida Falevai, 58, police superintendent; wife, Ma’unga Koloa Falevai.

PEREIRA COLOMBIA STAKE (December 1, 2013): President—José Rubiel Cardenas Vanegas, 43, administrator for the Church; succeeding Jose L. Gonzalez; wife, Tapasco Lina Mada Agudelo. Counselors—Jaime E. Uricoechea Bedoya, 34, program director at Universidad Libre; wife, Angelica Maria Nieto Cuartas. Alexander Aristizabal Echeverry, 32, manager; wife, Maria Carolina Valencia.

PESEGA SAMOA STAKE (December 8, 2013): President—Lake T. Ah Chong, 56, dean of the faculty of education at National University of Samoa; succeeding Sapele Faalogo Jr.; wife, Isabella Lavinia Ah Chong. Counselors—Salevana Mathew Paramore, 47, physical facilities manager for the LDS Church; wife, Pura Rachel Flutey Paramore. Duke Iaulualo, 40, coordinator for seminaries and institutes of the Church; wife, Lolfi Young Yen Iaulualo.

PROVO UTAH SOUTH STAKE (December 15, 2013): President—Benjamin Scott Larson, 40, co-founder/vice president and programmer at Imagine Learning, Inc.; succeeding A. LeGrand Richards; wife, Rebecca Jeanne Fesler Larson. Counselors—Michael P. Merz, 68, president/owner of Merz Properties; wife, Marian Curtis Brockhoff Merz. Florentino Quiciio Hopoate, 36, therapist at Wasatch Mental Health and LDS Family Services; wife, Katie Jo Crippen Hopoate.

SAN ANTONIO TEXAS STAKE (January 12, 2014): President—Adam Noe Gonzalez, 44, senior counsel for the U.S. Air Force; succeeding Angelus Vasquez; wife, Daynon Corin Barnard Gonzalez. Counselors—Juan Cruz, 59, insurance agent at American National Insurance; wife, Christina Cruz. Mark Allen Stevenson, 44, CRNA for Tag Anesthesia; wife, Lisa Ann Stevenson.

SOUTH OGDEN UTAH STAKE (January 12, 2014): President—Craig Vern Nelson, 59, vice president of LDS Business College; succeeding Bruce D. Jardine; wife, Heather Fisher Nelson. Counselors—Clint Thomas Wayment, 44, owner of Home and Family Care Services: wife, Kristen Johnson Wayment. Russell L. Porter, 44, teacher in the Weber School District; wife, Sherri Weaver Porter.

STAINES ENGLAND STAKE (November 17, 2013): President—Russell Derek Ball, 44, director/owner at Banbury Ball Ltd.; succeeding Ronald M. Judd; wife, Rebecca May Ball. Counselors—Colin Anthony Jones, 39, HR director at Boston Scientific; wife, Emma Louise Corck Jones. Gerard Tilton Neu, 42, head of treasury and tax at Lebara Limited; wife, Rachel Mary Bull Neu.

ST. GEORGE UTAH LITTLE VALLEY STAKE (December 15, 2013): President—Jeffry Reed Ricks, 56, optometric physician at Zion Eye Institute; succeeding Marshall R. Topham; wife, Linda Kae Walker Ricks. Counselors—Michael Allen Thompson, 48, area director for seminary and institutes; wife, Kimberly Janette Knudsen Thompson. John Jacob Powell, 50, physician assistant at Southwest Internal Med.; wife, Lisa Peterson.