Resources for Missionaries Returning Home

  • 6 July 2012

“Resources for Missionaries Returning Home” is now available to all missionaries serving in the Africa Southeast Area as they prepare for mission release.  The 12-page brochure emphasizes the importance of gaining an education or technical training following mission.

Returned missionaries are encouraged to prepare to support a family, and remain active in the Church.  To help achieve those worthy goals, the brochure gives resource information about:

- Perpetual Education Fund (PEF) available in several countries in the Africa Southeast Area;

-Employment Resource Centres (ERC) including the Career Workshop and Self-Employment Workshop;

-Institutes of Religion located throughout the Area.

Mission Presidents will review the above points with missionaries prior to their release and will give them a copy of the brochure.

“Resources for Missionaries Returning Home” may also be available at some Institute classes.