Senior Missionaries Making a Difference in Small Communities..

  • 18 August 2012

Senior missionary couple Elder and Sister Turner, serving in the New Zealand Wellington Mission, have set up a Family History Library, and an Addiction Recovery Group in the small community of Westport. These programmes are regarded as precious miracles to the isolated communities on the west coast of the South Island.

The Family History library has been well received by the members, and efforts to inform the community through posters and fliers of the resources now available, have resulted in a handful of the local community using the library at the Westport chapel, and one person who is not a member of the Church actively involved in indexing on a regular basis.

The Turners met with the local Genealogical Society to introduce them to the Family History resources that the Church has available, and encouraged them to support the indexing of New Zealand passenger ship's records.
The newly formed Addiction Recovery Group will be available to support active and less active members who may have challenges of addiction within their families. It will be available to members in Westport, Greymouth, Nelson, and Blenheim.

Acting upon promptings of the Spirit, Elder and Sister Turner also organised the 'Westport Coal Project', to fill the need of members who are unable to afford coal necessary to heat their homes adequately. The service project in July involved the entire district of missionaries, and President and Sister Kezerian from the Wellington Mission, assisting the Turners to deliver coal to those in need.

A chance meeting with a local reporter from the weekly newspaper 'The Messenger', which covers Westport and Greymouth, resulted in an article highlighting the initiatives the Turner's have introduced to the area, and the difference they are making in the local community.