Spanish Savior of the World Being Performed

  • November 9–13, 2010, at 7:30 p.m.

A scene from Savior of the World.

Article Highlights

  • Performances will be entirely in Spanish.
  • Tickets are required but free.
  • Visit or call 1-866-537-8457 to acquire tickets.

The first ever Spanish language version of the popular “Savior of the World” to be performed at the Church's Conference Center is taking place Tuesday, November 9, through Saturday, November 13.

The production depicts the events surrounding the birth and Resurrection of the Savior and is useful in building testimonies, strengthening families and friendships, and sharing the gospel with those of other faiths.

Last year, the first act of the show, depicting the Savior's birth, was performed in Spanish at locations in Bountiful and Provo. The performances this week also mark the first time that the entire production will be performed in Spanish.

All tickets for the Spanish performances have been distributed. A standby line will be formed outside door 3 for those hoping to attend, but do not have tickets. Others hoping to see the presentation can go to Theaters 4 and 5 of the North Visitors' Center where a live feed of the play will be presented.

The English version of the play will run from Tuesday, November 23 until Saturday, January 1, 2011. Tickets can be obtained over the Internet at or by calling 801-570-0080 (locally) or toll-free 1-866-537-8457.