Stake Reorganizations

  • 22 December 2013

The following stakes have been reorganized recently:

APEX NORTH CAROLINA STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—Steven L. Bodhaine, 52, vice president of Encuity Research; succeeding Harry J. Maxwell; wife, Cheryl Lee Brooks Bodhaine. Counselors—Christopher Bruce Bingham, 41, business professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; wife, Nellie Ann Thorley Bingham. William Herbert Council, 59, account manager at Duke Energy; wife, Patricia Evon Lefear Council.

CHALCO MEXICO SOLIDARIDAD STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—Sergio Gomez Cañedo Escobedo, 51, professor; succeeding Carlos R. Rivero Rodriguez; wife, Maria De La Luz Corte Garcia. Counselors—Carlos Tavares Brito, 34, project coordinator; wife, Jenny Guadalupe Mendoza Medina Tavares. Abraham Galicia Coyotecatl, 46, construction materials business owner; wife, Marie del Rocio Benitez Escobar.

DALLAS TEXAS EAST STAKE (November 24, 2013): President—David Boyd Larsen, 57, international sales director at Won-Door Corp.; succeeding Robert L. Kimball; wife, Judy Mae Whetten Larsen. Counselors—Brent Wayne Romney, 56, self-employed; wife, Ella Ana McDaniel Romney. Jed Pearson Asay, 57, private practice/professor at University of Texas; wife, Laura Elizabeth Hall.

DENVER COLORADO NORTH STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—Ronald Lyle Hellbusch, 49, attorney; succeeding Rex A. Johnson; wife, Jill Fuller Hellbusch. Counselors—Bruce James Tillapaugh, 57, agent at Berkley Risk Services; wife, Vicki Jeanne Pareago Tillapaugh. Mark Ernest Larsen, 60, property manager/remodeler; wife, Rita Kay Platzek Larsen.

FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA STAKE (November 24, 2013): President—David Lawrence Chandler, 42, physician with Pinehurst Anesthesia Associates; succeeding Edward E. Brock; wife, Stacy Ann Sorenson Chandler. Counselors—William Levi Houseman, 44, project manager at Brock Cabinets Inc.; wife, Marci Lu Pinnock Houseman. Jason Dilton Parker, 47, obstetrician in the U.S. Army; wife, Shawna Bennett Parker.

JOLIET ILLINOIS STAKE (November 17, 2013): President—Christopher Larsen Guymon, 55, associate dean at the University of Chicago; succeeding Scott B. Clark; wife, Mary Jane Atwater Guymon. Counselors—Mitchell Dean Klaich, 53, director of library and information resources at Jennert Block LLP; wife, Sheri Ann Davies Klaich. David L. Holyoak, 57, chief information officer at Grant Thornton LLP; wife, Kathryn Gladwyn Roberts.

PANACA NEVADA STAKE (September 8, 2013): President—Paul Hunt Mathews, 40, farmer/rancher; succeeding Kevin Jack Phillips; wife, Teresa Lee Mathews. Counselors—Spencer Wendell Hafen, 41, ACH manager at Nevada Bank and Trust; wife, Danielle Chism Hafen. Ross Means Stirling, 47, journeyman lineman for Alamo Power District #3; wife, Lynette Poulsen Stirling.

PONCE PUERTO RICO STAKE (November 3, 2013): President—Franki Ruiz Pardo, 45, information systems manager at Pfizer; succeeding Hector Rivera Rivera; wife, Luz Virginia Torres Ruiz. Counselors—Edwin G. Rivera Collazo, 46, assembler; wife, Wanda Liss Ramirez Ruiz. Aldo Velasquez Sanchez, 40, teacher; wife, Catia M. Reis Barros.

PORT MORESBY PAPUA NEW GUINEA STAKE (October 20, 2013): President—Jonathan Koivi Omae, 41, government affairs adviser at National Petroleum Co.; succeeding Francis Matthew; wife, Kakare Pukari Omae. Counselors—Paul Bunker Whippy, 52, service center manager; wife, Olive May Hennings Whippy. Andrew L. Kau, 32, freight/distribution manager; wife, Barbara Wahoi Nawasa Kau.

QUEENS NEW YORK STAKE (November 3, 2013): President—Jason Matthew Glass, 40, vice president of operations at GM Asset Management; succeeding David L. Duffy; wife, Kristina Jeanne Anderson Glass. Counselors—Eric A. Erazo Rodriguez, 53, building mechanic; wife, Amparo Valentina Esquivel Erazo. Juan Fernando De Leon Mazariegos, 28, human resource analyst with CitiGroup; wife, Melissa N. Norris De Leon.

RAROMATAI TAHITI STAKE (October 27, 2013): President—Freddy Tetearii Vongue, 47, school teacher/piano teacher; succeeding Jean-Luc Mou Tham; wife, Irena Maevanui Vongue. Counselors—William Mariteragi, 48, self-employed; wife, Moeruru Mariteragi. Boyer Teheiura, 39, municipal agent; wife, Nadja Holman Teheiura.

SALT LAKE HILLSIDE STAKE (September 8, 2013): President—Paul Clifton Young, 57, executive vice president at Young Electric Sign Co.; succeeding Craig A. Mortensen; wife, Kathryn Bauman Young. Counselors—Gordon Farrell Carmen, 54, finance director in the Welfare Department for the Church; wife, Amy Camille Davis Carmen. Loren Russell Hulse, 39, Stoel Rives, LLP; wife, Jennifer Wright Hulse.

SALT LAKE ROSE PARK STAKE (November 3, 2013): President—Carlton J. Christensen, 47, director of regional development; succeeding Craig B. Ruesch; wife, Cathleen Nielsen Christensen. Counselors—Paul Kevin Fullmer, 52, adjuster for MetLife; wife, Heidi Spencer Fullmer. Brent Duane Hyde, 48, security manager for the Church; wife, Teresa Alida De Jong Hyde.

SANTO DOMINGO REPUBLICA DOMINICANA VILLA MELLA STAKE (October 27, 2013): President—Loshan A. Abreu De La Cruz, 37, project supervisor; succeeding Sandy Gregorio Lacle Alis; wife, Yossandy Mateo Diaz. Counselors—Albin Rafael Esquea Moya, 37, operations manager; wife, Anny Rosibel Travieso Mejia. Edward Jose Diaz Mateo, 41, English professor; wife, Aracelis Reyes Mendez.

SAPPORO JAPAN WEST STAKE (November 3, 2013): President—Irie Naohiro, 47, manager; succeeding Domon Hiroyuki; wife, Hiromi Irie. Counselors—Tsujimoto Motoi, 49, manager of NEC Software Hokkaido; wife, Emiko Sugawara. Sugimoto Toshihiko, 50, manager of Hokkaido Lease; wife, Masumi Ohori.

SARATOGA SPRINGS UTAH NORTH STAKE (September 8, 2013): President—Sterling Charles Brown, 40, vice president of public policy at Utah Farm Bureau; succeeding Samuel R. Delis; wife, Karin Elizabeth Dewey Brown. Counselors—Adam Duncan Vance, 41, chiropractor; wife, Lyndi Kay Hazen Vance. Matthew Ted Boren, 44, user research lead for the Church; wife, Kelli Anne Rue Boren.

SAVAII SAMOA SAGONE STAKE (October 27, 2013): President—Setefano Tauvau, 42, foreman at Bud Bailey Construction; succeeding Taualeoo I. Savaliga; wife, Oliniviola Aiolupotea Tauvao. Counselors—Sanerive Sufia, 44, fisherman; wife, Pasimani Toiata Sufia. Seminare Taito, 36, self-employed; wife, Ane Ruta Taito.

SYRACUSE UTAH WEST STAKE (October 27, 2013): President—Curtis Glen Saunders, 50, seminary instructor; succeeding Mark A. Adams; wife, Patty Ann Thorpe Saunders. Counselors—Kelly Lewis Taylor, 45, director of marketing at Fusion Imaging; wife, Nancy Marie Wilcox Taylor. Cody Taylor Fowers, 39, director of Nex-One Inc.; wife, Amy Ann Dove Fowers.

TAYLORSVILLE UTAH YSA STAKE (November 3, 2013): President—Berne Steven Broadbent, 58, director of Intellectual Property for the Church; succeeding Peter F. Evans. Counselors—Lynn Callister McMurray, 61, attorney at Kirton McConkie; wife, Charlene Hull McMurray. Michael Lee Dowdle, 57, vice president general counsel at Bonneville International; wife, Gayla Caldwell Dowdle.

TOULOUSE FRANCE STAKE (October 27, 2013): President—David G. Depuydt, 42, attaché; succeeding Eugene Sacuto; wife, Maud Sophie Nathalie Depuydt. Counselors—Jerome Vincent Benedetti, 47, adviser; wife, Isabella Agnes Jocelyne Meunier. Gilles R. Mauclair, 41, building manager; wife, Corinne Cilis Mauclair.

TUXPAN MEXICO STAKE (October 20, 2013): President—Carlos Gabriel Prieto Bock, 29, warehouse manager for Bronco Drilling; succeeding Fernando Ramos Godinez; wife, Noemi Dayalsi Gomez Salazar. Counselors—Raul Cruz Cortes, 35, manager; wife, Sonia Mejia Martinez. Jose Alberto Vazquez Villalobos, 40, chief maintenance mechanic; wife, Beatriz Isela Ramos Basurto.