The Ensign Home Page: A Resource to Simplify Your Life

Contributed By Carolyn Call, Church News writer

  • 5 April 2016

Preparing a talk but running out of time? The Ensign home page links to article summaries perfect for simple outlines, scriptures, and quotes.

Article Highlights

  • Check each month for easy-to-read article summaries.

It’s probably safe to say you’ve had a busy week. Perhaps the car broke down, your friend needed help moving, and you burned Friday dinner. Perhaps you’re scheduled to give a talk about the Savior this Sunday. With such limited time, how do you even begin to put together a spiritual lesson?

Consider taking a look at the home page of the Ensign magazine on Its easy-to-read summaries of magazine articles turn this magazine’s home page into an untapped resource that makes learning, teaching, and sharing the gospel a lot easier. 

Each month, the Ensign home page publishes summaries of timely and inspiring content found in the Ensign magazine. Article summaries and additional resources are consistently updated to reflect the messages in the most current magazine issue.

Easily find the home page of the Ensign magazine online by typing into your Internet browser.

Featured General Authority Messages

At the top of the Ensign home page is a carousel featuring summaries of two General Authority messages. These messages are chosen from the current Ensign issue and simplified into an article summary with key points, scriptures, and important quotes.

Still worried about time running out and that talk to prepare? One possible solution is to use the summary of Elder Donald L. Hallstrom’s article “Jesus Christ: Our Firm Foundation” as an outline for your talk. The list format of this article easily lends itself to short quotes and a simple lesson structure. 

Click on this link for a summary of an article by Elder Hallstrom, which would make a great lesson outline.

Click on the featured links to find an easy-to-read summary of an article in the current issue of the Ensign magazine.

For Young Adults

If you’re teaching a young adult audience, they will especially enjoy the top three links: a Q&A topic and two article summaries that are relevant to young adults’ lives.

The monthly Q&A topic ties to an article in the current Ensign as well as recent counsel from General Authorities. Previous questions have addressed marriage, finding happiness, and receiving personal revelation. The April 2016 Q&A answers the question “How can I make dating less scary?”

The two article summaries for young adults are “Avoiding Satan’s Counterfeits” and “Strengthen Your Conference Study.“ Read these summaries to learn about increasing discernment of Satan’s deceptions and deepening your study of general conference messages.

Additional Features

On the online Ensign home page, you’ll enjoy reading key points from featured articles with the at-a-glance information they provide. These article summaries occasionally include audiovisual resources such as videos.

Watch for this symbol to find related content.

At the end of each summary, look for the “Learn More” symbol. This icon can point you in the right direction for a spiritual lesson or family home evening. Rather than spending hours searching for relevant materials, click on the links under “Learn More,” which include related stories and online content tied to each featured summary.

From Our Readers

Lastly, “From Our Readers” includes experiences of how reading the Ensign has blessed countless lives worldwide. Each month, a new experience or testimony will be shown in “From Our Readers.”

Viewer feedback on the Ensign home page has been highly positive. One responder in an online survey noted that the Ensign home page has “good organization and easy to find articles.” Others described the page as “Not complicated” and “Very clean setup and easy to read.”

So the next time you have a busy week, simplify your life with the online Ensign home page. Don’t spend hours wading through long articles and numerous websites. Rather, use easily accessible resources on the Ensign home page for learning and sharing the gospel in a clear, understandable manner.