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  • 15 February 2012

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You have logged onto a Canadian version of and we are glad to welcome you to this new site, which has been authorized by the Church and developed by a committee called by Elder Paul Christensen, Fifth Quorum of the Seventy. This website is for all Canadians. will include Canadian content that complements but reflects our own spiritual experiences. It is hoped that the site will attract an audience that includes youth, young adults, new and less active members. The goals of the website are to build individual testimonies, strengthen families, encourage temple attendance and bring souls unto Christ. We encourage you to think of ways that you can contribute to this effort.

Select members of the Canadian Website Committee.

What a wonderful opportunity this website is to connect members of the Church throughout Canada. Making connections with all members in Canada is a challenge. When you view this first posting we hope you will catch the spirit of it and respond to the call to let your fellow Saints know what is happening in the Church in your part of Canada and what the Church means to you. We can help one another to learn, live and share the gospel.

If your Stake/District has called a website specialist, please contact them now with your ideas and articles. If a specialist has not yet been called in your area, contact us directly at and/or encourage your leaders to find someone who can coordinate this effort.

Contact Information:
E-mail address:

Committee Coordinators:
Ted & Rosemary Burgess

Content Editors Leader:
Ruth Yates

IT Technicians Leader:
Andrew Harvey

French Translation Leader:
Michéle Chardonnay