Three Mission Calls from the Nyambita Home

  Sister Reber

  • 16 July 2013

Sister Magreth Nyambita pointing to her brother's photos on the "Wall of Honor" at the MTC

Sister Nyambita is the third child in the Nyambita family to serve a mission from the Mwanza Branch in Tanzania.

The branch was created on March 27, 2011, at a sacrament meeting under the direction of Kenya Nairobi Mission President Steven H. Broadbent. Eleven people were confirmed members of the Church at that meeting, including Sister Nyambita's mother, her brother (Benedictor), and herself. They had been baptized the day before. Sister Nyambita's father is the first branch president.

The Nyambita children eagerly wanted to be missionaries and started preparations for serving their missions. The first son, Phinias Nyambita, entered the South African Mission Training Centre (SAMTC) on November 15, 2012, called to serve in the Kenya Nairobi Mission. He was baptized when he was studying in Dar es Salaam. The second son, Benedictor Kawira, entered the SAMTC on February 7, 2013, called to serve in the Zimbabwe Harare Mission. Sister Magreth Nyambita entered the SAMTC on April 4, 2013, called to serve in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission.