Use “A Mighty Change in Your Hearts” as a Book of Mormon Teaching Resource

Contributed By Noelle Baldwin, Church News contributor

  • 20 April 2016

His Father Rejoiced, by Walter Rane, is featured in "A Mighty Change in Your Hearts," part of the Book of Mormon virtual art exhibit on the Church History Museum website.

Article Highlights

  • "A Mighty Change in Your Hearts" is the newest online exhibit from the Church History Museum.
  • Include the online exhibit's art as a resource for teaching Book of Mormon curriculum.
  • Use this art to help remember teachings from the Book of Mormon.

“Art can … prompt us to reflect on our own commitment to the teachings found in the Book of Mormon and strengthen our resolve to follow the Savior.” —Alan Johnson, Church History Museum director

A new online exhibit is now available for teachers and families. On March 11, the Church History Museum launched an online art exhibit that was added to the three existing Book of Mormon exhibits.

A Mighty Change in Your Hearts” has a timeline format similar to other exhibits, which allows viewers to scroll through the artwork. Additionally, the art that was selected from the museum’s collection illustrates scenes and stories from the Book of Mormon to follow this year’s curriculum.

“It is our hope that these images will help us all remember the words and examples of the prophets, teachers, and people in the Book of Mormon,” said Alan Johnson, director of the Church History Museum.

These exhibits are “designed to enrich personal study as well as to be a resource to teachers who are teaching the Book of Mormon curriculum,” said Kevin Nielson, the product manager for The hope is for viewers to “more fully understand [the stories] or understand [them] from a different perspective.”

The exhibit is divided into four sections—“Prophetic Teachings,” “Sharing the Gospel,” “Personal Conversion,” and “Making Covenants.” Each section explores different themes and stories of the Book of Mormon.

“Sometimes having a visual representation of the story helps us better understand the [scriptures],” said Brother Nielson. One example he mentioned was an oil painting titled Such Great Faith by Walter Rane. The painting shows King Lamoni’s wife, who, although he was feared dead, had the faith to believe her husband would awaken (Alma 19). Brother Nielson pointed out how the scene shows the wife’s compassion and devotion for her husband, which is an element of the story that might not have been considered otherwise.

Several of the art pieces originated from the museum’s annual international art competitions. This gives the exhibit both a traditional and an international feel.

Baptizing in the Waters of Mormon by Henri-Robert Bresil depicts the recognizable scene of Alma baptizing converts in the Waters of Mormon but adds an ethnic feel. Brother Nielson said that the international pieces were added to accent the familiar elements of the stories while creating a new perspective.

Receiving the Teachings of King Benjamin by Maria Alejandra Gil

Baptizing in the Waters of Mormon by Henri-Robert Bresil

I Did Raise My Voice That It Reached the Heavens by Walter Rane

A similar idea motivated the addition of works of well-known artists to the exhibit. Viewers will recognize works by Arnold Friberg and Del Parson. The museum wanted to present familiar pieces as well as to expand understanding with new ones, said Brother Nielson.

Multiple techniques are also explored in the new exhibit. David Chapman Lindsay created his work Enos by drawing an image on his hand. Brother Lindsay then pressed his hand to paper to transfer the image, said Stacie Lusk, a museum educator in an interview published for Church history. “This technique creates a fascinating connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of an experience.”

The exhibit is accessible to those who seek to add to their lessons and personal study.

“Art can stir our souls and prompt us to reflect on our own commitment to the teachings found in the Book of Mormon and strengthen our resolve to follow the Savior,” said Brother Johnson.

The museum anticipates releasing five more Book of Mormon online exhibits throughout the year that are associated with the year's curriculum. Three exhibits—“Scenes from the Land of Promise,” “The Journey of Lehi’s Family,” and “The Vision of the Tree of Life” have already been published online in addition to “A Mighty Change in Your Hearts.”

See “A Mighty Change in Your Hearts” and other exhibits on the web page for the Book of Mormon exhibits or through the Church History Museum’s home page at

Such Great Faith by Walter Rane

Enos by David Chapman Lindsay

Abinadi Delivers His Message by Arnold Friberg

Alma in the Waters of Mormon by Johan Helge Benthin