Vanity URLs Are Shortcuts to Most Valuable Resources on

Contributed By Marian Spencer, Church News

  • 30 September 2016

The vanity URL presents a neater, prettier alternative to navigating websites by taking you straight to the source you’re looking for.

Article Highlights

  • Vanity URLs are shortened, more convenient URLs to remember and use.
  • The Church uses vanity URLs to make easier to use.
  •, for example, will take you directly to the Church’s online video archive.

If you aren’t acquainted with your computer’s “shortcuts” yet, you probably ought to be—especially Ctrl Z, without which most of us would be utterly lost. (For those of you who have yet to unlock its incredible power, Ctrl Z essentially “undoes” the otherwise undoable.)

There’s another variety of shortcut on the block, and it’s got a funny name—meet the “vanity” domain, or vanity URL. Living up to its name, the vanity URL presents a neater, prettier alternative to navigating websites by taking you straight to the source you’re looking for.

For example, say you’re looking for the general video archive on Instead of clicking through all the menus on in search of it, just type into your address bar, and poof—you’re there!

Speaking of, the website now hosts a plethora of these memorable, cute little URLs, which should make the Church's ocean of valuable resources all the easier to locate. Here are a few of them:

Conference-related pages

Basic resources

  •—This link is easy to remember and easy to pass on to a nonmember friend!

  •—This will lead you straight to the Church’s online video archive.

  •—Just got called to be a teacher in your ward? Learn how to teach like the Savior taught.

  •—Looking for inspirational picture quotes? Primary coloring images? Temple photos? Here you go.

  •—If you're short on hymnbooks and have the technology to do it, pull up a hymn from for the class to follow.

  •—Note that this URL refers to news media and goes to the Public Affairs website, not the Media Library.

  •—Find out what's happening in the Church all around the world.

  •—Stay in touch with our modern-day prophets and apostles.

  •—All the resources you need from auxiliary training to the visiting teaching assignment.

  •—Safety and health tips, Mutual activities, media resources—it’s all here.

  •—Young women leaders can find everything they need for leadership training here.

  •—Note that every page designed to train leaders (Relief Society, elders quorum, Sunday School, and so on) is headed with the call to teach the Savior’s way.


  •—Where to find the youth curriculum and resources that help youth successfully fill leadership roles.

  •—Youth of the Church have their own website where they can download inspirational music and read articles just for them.

  •—If you want to find a temple near you, see a list of all the Church's temples, or share the purpose of temples with someone else, this is an excellent source.

  •—Ministering resources provide a detailed guide for leaders helping members through spiritual, emotional, and temporal problems.

Church magazines and manuals


Personal Resources

  •—The Help Center is where you’ll find assistance with navigation, LDS mobile apps, leader and clerk resources, broadcast schedules, and so much more.

  •—A beautiful resource for those who feel like they have nowhere else to turn and those who want to help.

  •—It’s so easy to become “engaged in a good cause,” especially through’s volunteer page.

  •,,—All of these will take you to the LDS Employment Resource Services site.

  •—Many have found success with the 12 Steps to Change program—and it’s designed to help with any kind of addiction.

  •—This page features funny videos that entertain while providing tips on Church activity safety.

  •—The welfare page hosts a number of invaluable personal and communal resources, including financial, employment, and humanitarian service tips.

Family Resources

  •—The family is the central unit of God’s plan, which is why the Church has provided so many ways to strengthen the home. This page will lead you to many of them.

  •—Sometimes you need a little extra inspiration when it comes to planning family home evening.

  •— isn’t just for adults; children have a list of resources they can take advantage of too.

  •—Young women, just click on a value and get started!

  •—Deacons, teachers, and priests each have their own selection of resources on this page.

Vanity URLs are just one of many navigational tools available on For more information on finding the resources you’re looking for, visit “Find What You're Looking For” on

Rather than clicking through drop-down menus, try typing vanity URLs directly in to the address bar for faster searching.