Video Contest Winners Announced

  • 6 May 2011

Winning videos in four categories addressed topics ranging from being honest to abstaining from judging others.

The winners of the Church’s first International Video Contest have been announced.

Members from around the world were invited to create their own Mormon Messages for the contest, with the purpose of giving more Church members the opportunity to strengthen their testimonies by sharing their talents and the gospel with others.

The videos were submitted and judged in five categories: Professional; US & Canada—Amateur; International—Amateur; US & Canada—13–17; and International—13–17.

After two rounds of judging by a multimember jury, three winners were announced in each category, except for the International—13–17 class, in which no videos were selected. One entry in each category was also awarded a Visitors’ Choice award, voted on by online viewers.

The first winner listed in each category below received both the judges’ award and the Visitors’ Choice award. To watch all of the winning videos, please visit the online video gallery.

The video contest is expected to be repeated next year.


Honesty - You Better Believe It!

Submitter: Brian Burnham

Summary: It is better to be honest than get a good score on a test.

Trial of Adversity

Submitter: Jason Barron

Summary: A woman paralyzed from the waist down doesn’t let adversity stop her.


Submitter: Bryce Gandy

Summary: An animated word slide show about life’s purpose.

US & Canada—Amateur

Our Hands His Hands, Our Hearts His Heart

Submitter: Alexander Cheung

Summary: Jess Berry tells how grateful she is for her supportive family and friends as she lives an active life while facing cerebral palsy.

Stand Tall

Submitter: Andrea Hernandez

Summary: A tall young woman named Brooke explains how she stands out not only because of her height but also because of the high standards that she lives.

You're Not Alone

Submitter: Sariah Howard

Summary: Josh Aplaca shares his story of being lost and finding peace and hope from our loving Heavenly Father, who is there for us when we need His help.



Submitter: Karel Denisse Calva Sánchez

Summary: A young woman explains why we shouldn’t judge people who are different.

Without Fear

Submitter: Salvador Alejandro Herman Pere

Summary: An Italian missionary suffering with diabetes recounts how he didn’t serve his mission until he received his patriarchal blessing.

He Heals the Heavy Laden

Submitter: Daniel Schroeder

Summary: A devoted wife whose husband suffered a severe stroke tells how he strengthens her faith.

US & Canada—13-17

Staying in Tune

Submitter: Stefania Barr

Summary: Two musically talented teens explain how their values and goals affect how they make uplifting music.

Better Things

Submitter: Tate Stone

Summary: Young men reflect on their lives as they share goals on how they want to stay pure and avoid addictive vices.

Good Better Best

Submitter: Angie Cluff

Summary: Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explaining ways to maintain a family firm and strong in spirit runs in the background of this video.


No videos were selected this year.