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Visiting Teachers Are the Lord’s Agents

Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president, spoke on a number of topics to nearly 10,000 women and priesthood leaders in southeastern Idaho in February 2011. The following is some of what she taught about visiting teaching.

“We have this great, wonderful organization established by the Lord to bless His daughters. One of the key parts of that is visiting teaching.

“Sometimes our sisters complain about that opportunity. This, sisters, is the Lord’s opportunity to use you as His agents. …

“Now, all of you at some time or another have come up with an issue you have about Relief Society visiting teaching. You say, 'Well, I’m not really fond of my partner.' Or, 'The sisters we’re asked to visit and I don’t connect. Our schedules don’t match,' or 'I’m afraid to go,' or 'I’ve had a bad experience in the past,' or something else. And I’m here to tell you that the Lord doesn’t care about your issues. … He cares about your consecration and your heart, and what you’re willing to give back. 

“We can invent all the issues we want to not do the Lord’s work, but if we choose to come into this great society, this wonderful sisterhood that is here to provide relief, then we become part of the Lord’s work.”

“Home teachers and visiting teachers are the Lord’s secret force. … [When we call home or visiting teachers, we need to] be very clear about what we expect. The outcome we expect needs to be established at the beginning. …

“Sometimes we start worrying about the check-off and not about the ministry. And what would the Lord count? Yes, the message is important, and we need to study the gospel and strengthen each other, but be aware of what the needs are in homes and families.”

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