Webcast "Victory" Transmits Elder Holland's Message to Missionaries

  • 31 October 2012

Missionaries gather outside the Johannesburg Stake Centre following zone conference in which  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke.

270 missionaries in four locations received counsel from an apostle of the Lord directed specifically to them.

About 200 eager missionaries from the South Africa Johannesburg Mission and South Africa Missionary Training Centre gathered to hear Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in person.  The October 25 meeting was webcast from the Johannesburg Stake Centre to other missionaries assembled in Tzaneen (22 missionaries), and Nelspruit (6 missionaries) South Africa, and in Gaborone, Botswana (45 missionaries).

A webcast allows transmission via internet from an originating point to one or more receiving locations.  The four sites had rehearsed the webcast during the week before the meeting to be sure there were no problems. 

Missionaries arrive prior to meeting with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

“Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith.” Mosiah 23:21.  The day before the broadcast, it was discovered that the cable necessary to connect the stake centre with the internet and outlying locations had been stolen.  Brother Jesse Arumugam, physical facilities manager for the stake centre, and Brother Greg Wrench, stake clerk, worked to re-establish contact using wireless technology.  It appeared that the transmission would be successful.

On October 25, Elder Ralph Howes coordinated the webcast from the stake centre.  He successfully established contact with Tzaneen and Nelspruit South Africa, but was unable to contact Botswana. 

Broadcast time rapidly approached as Elder Howes finally reached someone who could begin to establish the webcast connection in Botswana.  As the webcast began at 3:30 p.m. Elder Howes called to see if the connection to Botswana was successful.  It was!

Newly arrived MTC missionaries await Elder Holland's arrival.

As Elder Howes re-entered the chapel, missionaries were singing with great gusto the final stanza of the opening hymn, “Behold a Royal Army”.  “Victory, victory, victory thru Jesus Christ our Lord!” echoed in his ears.  How true!

As a result of a webcast “victory”, 270 missionaries in four locations received counsel from an apostle of the Lord directed specifically to them.

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