What Can YOU Do to Prepare for YOUR Mission?

  Edy Howse

  • 4 March 2013

Young missionaries eager to serve

“Always be worthy of a temple recommend so the Spirit can be your constant companion” 

What is the one thing prospective missionaries can do, to be better prepared to serve? This question was asked of priesthood and mission leaders in the Africa Southeast Area.  Their answers can help you prepare for your mission.  Four of their suggestions are:

1- “Always be worthy of a temple recommend so the Spirit can be your constant companion” is the counsel of President Kenneth D. Reber of the South Africa Missionary Training Centre (SAMTC).

2- Read the scriptures and Preach My Gospel.

Elder Carl B. Cook, first counsellor in the Africa Southeast Area Presidency encourages prospective missionaries to study the lessons and recommended scriptures in Preach My Gospel chapter three, “Study and Teach.” 

As you study, “Apply what you learn. Strive to live in harmony with your understanding. Doing so will strengthen your faith, knowledge, and testimony. Acting on what you have learned will bring added and enduring understanding” (Preach My Gospel, 19)

Elder Cook reminds that, “As you diligently study Preach My Gospel and the scriptures, you will be treasuring up in your mind and heart the things the Lord will prompt you to share with others. You will be prepared to be an effective instrument in His Almighty hand on the first day of your mission.” (John 7:17; D&C 84:85)

3- Study the language in which you will be teaching is the counsel of Zimbabwe Harare Mission President Bryson C. Cook.  Seek to become more proficient speaking, reading (especially the standard works and Preach My Gospel) and writing the language of your mission even if you already have a basic knowledge of that language.  This preparation fulfils the Lord’s commandment to, “... study and learn, and become acquainted with ... languages, tongues and people.” D&C 90:15.

4- Learn basic skills in cooking, cleaning, caring for your clothes, and personal hygiene urges Sister Janet Reber of the South Africa Missionary Training Centre.  As a missionary you must be self-reliant in temporal responsibilities in order to be healthy, and to be a positive representative of the Saviour Jesus Christ.

It is up to you to prepare.

Finally, you are the one who has to be prepared to serve.  Start now to prepare or help someone you know to prepare to serve a mission.  That preparation will bless you, your family and friends, and all those with whom you serve in the future.