• 22 October 2012

Sister Ruth Renlund, Sister Rosana Soares, Sister Kathy Clayton, and Sister Lynette Cook arrive at the Women's Meeting.

“The Holy Ghost speaks to each in the language she will understand.  The Holy Ghost can customize information for each personally.”  Sister Kathy Clayton

“How do you receive the Holy Ghost in your life?”

This was the first thought-provoking question in a Women’s Meeting considering “The Role of the Holy Ghost in Our Lives, and Personal Revelation.”   A panel comprised of wives* of general authorities and other Church leaders considered answers to the questions.  Members of the congregation were also invited to participate.

Sister Kathy Clayton summarized the answer to the first question in three action words:  “Ask.  Listen.  Act.”  Ask in prayer.  Listen for an answer.  Act upon the answer.  Five more questions were posed and discussed.

“How does the Holy Ghost direct you?”

Neal A. Maxwell was quoted as saying, “The Holy Ghost speaks to you in short, clipped directives… with no explanation.”

Sister Lynette Cook described receiving “A compelling feeling to do something.”  She likened that feeling to Nephi’s statement, “…the Lord commanded me, and I must obey.”  2 Nephi 33:15

Sister Ruth Renlund experiences “A brilliant clear thought of what to do or say.”

SisterSizakele, with her infant son, Sister Ntombi Twala, and Sister Julia Ledwaba participted in the meeting in the room reserved for mothers with children.

What role does prayer play in receiving the Holy Ghost?

Sister Dorah Mkhabela felt “confused” when her husband was called as an Area Authority Seventy in 2010.  She knelt in prayer and felt “a warm, comfortable feeling that if I live worthily it will be OK.  When you don’t pray, you won’t be prompted by the Holy Ghost.”

Sister Clayton pointed out that “The Holy Ghost speaks to each in the language she will understand.  The Holy Ghost can customize information for each personally.”

What can we do to insure being worthy to have the Holy Ghost in our life?

Sister Kathy Omer, wife of Johannesburg Mission President S. Craig Omer, counsels the missionaries that they “constantly need to be worthy to receive the spirit.”

A sister in the congregation commented that she feels the spirit more “when I arise early and don’t allow my mind to be drawn into things of the world.”

Another sister commented that she feels “the influence of the spirit of others to help me live correctly.”

Sister Gugu Masetle, and Sister Sthembile Seleka arrived early for the meeting.

How does the Holy Ghost help in family life?

Sister Jennifer Bricknell is the mother of five children, three of whom now live in the United States with their families.  She explained that each of those children “fasted as a family and went to the temple before making the decision to move.”

What is the role of the temple in personal revelation?

Sister Muriel Armstrong, matron of the Johannesburg Temple and wife of temple President Kenneth S. Armstrong, stated that “The Holy Ghost is the teacher at the temple.  As one sits in the temple Celestial Room, prays and waits for personal revelation, the answers come.  The Holy Ghost teaches, inspires and reveals in the temple- He comes from above.”

Sister Debbie Martin, Sister Cornel Jamen vanVuuren, and SisterMarieta Coetzee attend meeting

Personal Testimonies

Sister Lynette Cook said, “The Holy Ghost conveys the love of the Saviour to my heart.”

Sister Rosana Soares told of a time when as a young mother she became frustrated with her bickering children.  She retreated to her room, and picked up  her scriptures which ”happened” to open to Doctrine and Covenants 31:9, “Be patient in afflictions, revile not against those that revile.  Govern your house in meekness, and be steadfast.”  Sister Soares returned to her children and apologized.  “The sweet spirit of the Lord was in my home for the rest of the day.”

Sister Ruth Renlund has had a “front row seat to miracles.  One by one, heart by heart is being turned to Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost.  God cares about us enough to give us the Holy Ghost.”

Sister Kathy Clayton concluded that “women feel of the spirit, and it spills over.  We women see and influence each other…  May you press on with the love of God and the Holy Ghost.”

Over 1,000 sisters attended the Women’s Meeting which was held on Saturday, October 20, 2012, in the South Africa Johannesburg Stake Centre in Sandton.  The spirit in the meeting was reflective of the theme concerning the Holy Ghost.

Senior Missionary Sisters gather following the meeting.

*Sister Kathy Clayton, wife of Elder L. Whitney Clayton who serves in the Presidency of the Seventy, and as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy; Sister Ruth Renlund, wife of Elder Dale G. Renlund who serves as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, and as the Africa Southeast Area President; Rosana Soares, wife of Elder Ulisses Soares who serves as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, and as First Counselor in the Africa Southeast Area presidency; Lynette Cook, wife of Elder Carl B. Cook who serves as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy and as Second Counselor in the Africa Southeast Area presidency;  Sister Jennifer Bricknell, wife of Elder Colin H. Bricknell- Area Seventy; and Sister Dorah Mkhabela,  wife of Elder Jackson T. Mkhabela-  Area Seventy.

Sisters mingle following the Women's Meeting.