Young Man Is Eager to Share the Gospel in South Florida

Contributed By By Jason Swensen, Church News staff writer

  • 20 January 2013

Oscar Munoz, a 14-year-old teacher from Miami, Florida, enjoys studying the scriptures at his home. Oscar is eager to serve a mission and visit the future Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple.  Photo by Nancy Munoz.

“My friends ask me a lot of questions about the Church because they know I’m a Mormon.” —Oscar Munoz, teacher in the Miami Lakes Florida Stake

Oscar Munoz will tell you it’s an exciting time to be a young Aaronic Priesthood holder in Miami, Florida.

The 14-year-old may be the only 8th grade Church member at his school, but many of his classmates are being educated about the Church. Oscar has already learned to take advantage of missionary opportunities.

“My friends ask me a lot of questions about the Church because they know I’m a Mormon,” he said. “Our history textbook had a section on the Mormon pioneers, so that gave me a chance to talk to my class about the Book of Mormon and prophets. My friends know that the Church is important to me.”

Oscar was thrilled to learn he would be able to become a full-time missionary in less than four years, after he turns 18 and finishes high school. “I know I need to be prepared so I can be ready,” he said.

Despite his young age, Oscar has already witnessed the importance of missionary work. His father, Jesus Munoz, grew up in the Church. But his mother, Nancy Munoz, did not learn about the gospel until moving from her native Colombia to the United States. Oscar has special memories of sitting next to Sister Munoz as she listened to the missionary discussions. Later he watched his father, dressed in white, baptize his mother. Oscar is eager for other families throughout the world to have the opportunity to experience the gospel together.

A teacher in the Miami Lakes Ward (Spanish-speaking), Miami Lakes Florida Stake, Oscar is also looking forward to the fast-approaching dedication of the Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple. The temple will be the first of its kind in south Florida.