Young Women General Presidency: “Online Offerings or Digital Diet?”

Contributed By the Young Women General Presidency

  • 21 November 2016

The Church provides resources on a variety of topics to fill both heart and mind with gospel guidance, teaching tips, and approved lesson content for families and instructors.

Article Highlights

  • Church resources online offer an “abundant feast” of gospel content.
  • Resources include new training videos, Face to Face events, and the activities site.
  • Don’t feed yourself spiritually empty calories!

“Sustaining nutrition comes from the truths of the Lord and the teaching of those He has called. You will find much of this counsel online.” —Young Women General Presidency

Church resources online offer an abundant feast of gospel content—come and dine! As a presidency, we invite you to discover the many Church online resources where you may fill both heart and mind with gospel guidance, teaching tips, and approved lesson content. Why nibble on the quick-fix offerings of others when you can go straight to the rich source of truth and inspiration given through

From the very first page you will immediately see fresh ways to apply gospel principles from Church leaders and members all over the world. The messages—and even faces and personalities—of faithful Saints can enter your home with a click of the mouse! For example, wouldn’t you like a temple president to share his testimony of scriptures in your home?

The testimony of President Allen Ostergar, newly called president of the Provo City Center Temple, was a recent featured video on the home page. His message can pour truth into your home right from the computer screen and bless your personal study. The new youth video on self-reliance might be the perfect start to a wonderful class discussion. A new resource added to the Come, Follow Me outline might give you the guidance you need to address the questions of your young women. It is at your fingertips on

When we as presidency members travel the world, we see the difference in leaders and teachers of young women who have availed themselves of the approved gospel content aimed specifically at teaching in the Savior’s way. Depth of understanding, useful quotes, and pertinent guidance from prophets are apparent in the leadership and teaching of these sisters.

Conversely, we have also realized that some leaders are not coming to the table of the Church’s online feast. This dieting leaves teachers and classes alike undernourished. Do you have a burning question about youth leadership? classroom reverence? spiritual preparation? Come to the online Church smorgasbord and dish up the eternal nutrients of gospel truths to answer your specific needs. Consider these rich offerings:

  • Three new leadership training videos for class presidencies were posted just this month. We invite you to use these in your next stake leadership meeting and also in training class presidencies. These videos, combined with the Class Presidency Leadership Lessons, can help young women learn vital leadership skills that will bless their class, their home, and you, as they bring their youth and energy to the work of Young Women.
  • The recent Teaching in the Savior’s Way worldwide training broadcast was rich in content and example for every teacher—both at home and at church. This broadcast, combined with online resources and teacher council meetings, help us provide the nourishing, learning environment our young women need to navigate in today’s world.
  • The #LightTheWorld Christmas initiative on could bless every class and family. What better gift could young women give this season than service to family, friends, and community. Begin with a worldwide day of service on December 1, 2016, and then invite your class presidencies to explore the advent calendar, “In 25 Ways. Over 25 Days,” for activity ideas. The calendar can be downloaded at
  • Face to Face with Studio C was perhaps one of our best online events yet. You can still watch it with your class or family and hear faithful young adults share their experiences and testimonies in a way that both answers youth questions and blesses lives. For those who speak Spanish or Portuguese, don’t miss the next Face to Face event on December 10 with Elder and Sister Christofferson—originating from Guatemala.
  • The 2017 annual theme video and music will be coming soon to In just weeks you will find the new theme video for 2017 and new theme songs from youth around the world. Every month you can discover new content to support both curriculum and activities throughout 2017.
  • Ministering resources at for Young Women presidents is a vital tool in addressing the challenges that face our young women. Combine this with Gospel Topics, the Hope and Help section of, and sites like and you will hopefully find information and inspiration to help you reach out with love to our young women in need.
  • Media Library can provide you with images, videos, music, and sharable quotes that have full copyright permission for use in classrooms.
  • And don’t forget the Youth Activities site,, magazines, music, Mormon Channel, Gospel Library app, and other mobile tools. It is a buffet sure to meet every need.

As fresh counsel, offerings, ideas, and videos come up, you will be continually fed new ways to live and serve. You will experience the advantages of staying connected to Church sources and learn to recognize the difference between spiritually empty calories and the deep spiritual nourishment we all need in order to gain strength in today’s world.

Sustaining nutrition comes from the truths of the Lord and the teaching of those He has called. You will find much of this counsel online.

So, infuse youth activities, classes, councils, and personal development with the eternal goodness from Church sites. They are waiting at the online table spread before you.