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Significant Events
Joseph Fielding Smith, Served 1970–1972
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Significant Events

Birth: Born July 19, 1876, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah to Joseph Fielding Smith and Julina Lambson.

Marriage: Married Louie E. Shurtliff on Apr. 26, 1898, (died Mar. 30, 1908); married Ethel G. Reynolds on Nov. 2, 1908 (died Aug. 26, 1937); married Jessie Ella Evans on Apr. 12, 1938 (died Aug.3, 1971).

Ordained an Apostle: Apr. 7, 1910, at age 33.

Became President: Jan. 23, 1970, at age 93. Served 2 years (1970–1972).

Death: Died on July 2, 1972, at the age of 95, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

Joseph Fielding Smith

Historical Summary
1876 July 19   Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Joseph F. Smith and Julina Lambson.
1896 Age 20 Patriarchal blessing proclaims, “It shall be thy duty to sit in counsel with thy brethren and to preside among the people.”
1898 April 26 Age 21 Married Louie E. Shurtliff (she died March 30, 1908).
1899–1901 Age 23–24 Served mission to England.
1901 Age 25 Served as clerk in Church Historian's Office.
1906 Age 30 Served as assistant Church Historian.
1908 November 2 Age 32 Married Ethel Georgina Reynolds (she died August 26, 1937).
1910 April 7 Age 33 Ordained Apostle by President Joseph F. Smith, his father.
1919 Age 43 Called as counselor in Salt Lake Temple Presidency.
1921–1970 Age 45–94 Served as Church Historian.
1934 Age 57 Served as president of Church's Genealogical Society.
1938 April 12 Age 61 Married Jessie Ella Evans (she died August 3, 1971).
1939 Age 63 Toured Europe; World War II began; directed evacuation of all missionaries from Europe.
1945 Age 69 Served as president of the Salt Lake Temple.
1950 September 30 Age 74 Became Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
1951 April 9 Age 74 Sustained as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
1955 Age 79 Toured Far East and dedicated four countries for the preaching of the gospel.
1965 October 29 Age 89 Became a counselor in the First Presidency.
1970 January 23 Age 93 Became President of the Church.
1970 October Age 94 Monday night designated for family home evening.
1971 August 27–29 Age 95 Presided over first area conference of the Church in Manchester, England.
1972 January 18 Age 95 Ogden Utah Temple dedicated.
1972 February 9 Age 95 Provo Utah Temple dedicated.
1972 July 2 Age 95 Died in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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