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Significant Events
Harold B. Lee, Served 1972–1973
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Significant Events

Birth: Born Mar. 28, 1899, in Clifton, Oneida Co., Idaho to Samuel Marion Lee and Louisa Emeline Bingham.

Marriage: Married Fern Lucinda Tanner on Nov. 14, 1923, (died Sept. 24, 1962); married Freda Joan Jensen on June 17, 1963.

Ordained an Apostle: Apr. 10, 1941, at age 42.

Became President: July 7, 1972, at age 73. Served 1.5 years (1972–1973).

Death: Died on Dec. 26, 1973, at the age of 74, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

Harold B. Lee

Historical Summary
1899 March 28   Born in Clifton, Oneida County, Idaho, to Samuel Marion Lee and Louisa Bingham.
1907 June 9 Age 8 Baptized by Lester Bybee in Clifton, Idaho.
1912 Fall Age 13 Entered the Oneida Stake Academy in Preston, Idaho, with schoolmate Ezra Taft Benson.
1916 Summer Age 17 Entered Albion State Normal School in Albion, Idaho.
1916–1917 Winter Age 17 Taught at Silver Star School near Weston, Idaho.
1918–1920 Age 18–21 Served as principal of the district school at Oxford, Idaho.
1920–1922 Age 21–23 Served mission in Western States Mission, Denver, Colorado.
1923 Summer Age 24 Attended the University of Utah. Finished his degree by correspondence courses and extension classes.
1923 November 14 Age 24 Married Fern Lucinda Tanner (she died September 24, 1962).
1923–1928 Age 24–29 Served as principal of the Whittier and Woodrow Wilson Schools, Salt Lake City.
1930–1937 Age 31–38 Served as president of the Pioneer Stake.
1933–1937 Age 34–38 Served on the Salt Lake City Commission.
1935 April 20 Age 36 Assigned by First Presidency to work out a program of relief for the needy. Start of Church Welfare Program.
1936 April 18 Age 37 Called as managing director of the Church Security Plan (later changed to Church Welfare Program).
1939 April 16 Age 40 First storehouse on Welfare Square is completed in Salt Lake City, Utah.
1941 April 6 Age 42 Sustained a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Ordained an Apostle on April 10, 1941.
1954 Age 55 Held servicemen's conferences in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Guam.
1958 August Age 59 Toured South Africa and the Holy Land.
1961 September 30 Age 62 At the direction of the First Presidency, announced plan for correlating all Church programs.
1963 June 17 Age 64 Married Freda Joan Jensen.
1970 January 23 Age 70 Sustained as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and first counselor to President Joseph Fielding Smith.
1972 July 7 Age 73 Became President of the Church.
1972 September 20 Age 73 Organized the Jerusalem Branch at the Garden Tomb.
1972 October 5 Age 73 Worldwide welfare services program announced.
1972 October 6 Age 73 Sustained as President of the Church in a solemn assembly.
1972 December 14 Age 73 International Mission of the Church organized.
1973 December 26 Age 74 Died in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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