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Significant Events
Spencer W. Kimball, Served 1973–1985
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Significant Events

Birth: Born Mar. 28, 1895, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah to Andrew Kimball and Olive Woolley.

Marriage: Married Camilla Eyring on Nov. 16, 1917.

Ordained an Apostle: Oct. 7, 1943, at age 48.

Became President: Dec. 30, 1973, at age 78. Served 12 years (1973–1985).

Death: Died on Nov. 5, 1985, at the age of 90, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

Spencer W. Kimball

Historical Summary
1895 March 28   Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Andrew Kimball and Olive Woolley.
1898 May Age 3 Kimball family moved to Thatcher, Arizona.
1906 June 6 Age 11 Patriarchal blessing promised him a great work among the Native Americans.
1906 October 18 Age 11 Mother died.
1914 Age 19 Graduated with highest honors from Gila Academy.
1914 October 16 Age 19 Ordained a Seventy by his uncle, President J. Golden Kimball of the First Council of the Seventy.
1914 October 16 Age 19 Called to the Swiss-Austrian Mission, but due to World War I served in the Central States Mission.
1917 November 16 Age 22 Married Camilla Eyring.
1918 January 1 Age 22 Named stake clerk of the St. Joseph Stake; entered banking business.
1924 Age 29 Called as second counselor in stake presidency.
1934 Age 39 Released as counselor and sustained again as clerk of the St. Joseph Stake.
1938 Age 43 Called as president of the Mount Graham Stake.
1943 October 7 Age 48 Ordained Apostle by President Heber J. Grant.
1946 Age 51 Appointed as chairman of the Church Indian Committee.
1957 Age 61 One and one-half vocal cords removed due to throat cancer.
1970 January 23 Age 74 Set apart as Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
1972 Age 77 Underwent open heart surgery.
1972 July 7 Age 77 Set apart as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
1973 December 30 Age 78 Became President of the Church.
1974 April 4 Age 79 Gave a major address to Regional Representative of the Twelve on expanding missionary work.
1974 October 3 Age 79 Quorums of Seventy authorized in all stakes.
1974 November 19 Age 79 Washington D.C Temple dedicated. First of 21 temples to be dedicated during President Kimball's presidency.
1975 May 3 Age 80 General Authority Area Supervisors assigned outside of United States and Canada.
1975 October 3 Age 80 Organization of First Quorum of Seventy.
1975 Age 80 Announced plans for temple construction in Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and Washington State; rededicated the renovated Mesa Arizona and St. George Utah Temples.
1976 April 3 Age 81 Two revelations added to standard works of the Church.
1976 October 1 Age 81 Assistants to the Twelve became members of the First Quorum of the Seventy.
1977 February 5 Age 82 Announced that the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles would oversee ecclesiastical matters and Presiding Bishopric would oversee temporal affairs of the Church
1977 February–March Age 81 Conducted area conferences in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Colombia.
1977 May 22 Age 82 Formation of Church Activities Committee to coordinate cultural events.
1977 August 24 Age 82 Dedicated the land of Poland for the preaching of the gospel.
1978 June 8 Age 83 Announced revelation extending priesthood blessings to all worthy male members of the Church.
1978 September 30 Age 83 Announced emeritus status for General Authorities.
1979 February 18 Age 83 Church's one thousandth stake organized at Nauvoo.
1979 September 29 Age 84 New edition of King James Bible published with LDS study aids.
1979 October 24 Age 84 Toured Middle East and dedicated Orson Hyde Memorial Garden on Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.
1980 March 2 Age 84 Ward meeting schedules consolidated.
1980 April 6 Age 85 Sesquicentennial of the Church commemorated.
1981 September 26 Age 86 New edition of triple combination (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price) published.
1983 October 16 Age 88 First multi-stake (now known as regional) conference held in London, England.
1984 June 24 Age 89 Area Presidencies established.
1985 November 5 Age 90 Died in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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