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Images and Multimedia
Howard W. Hunter, Served 1994–1995
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Age 8 mo.

Age 11

Age 60

Age 72

Age 85


Boy Scout Boy Scout, ca. 1921
Age: 14
Howard W. Hunter was active in the Boy Scout program, earning the rank of Eagle Scout.
(Photographer unidentified)
Hunter's Croonaders Hunter's Croonaders, ca. 1927
Age: 20
Howard W. Hunter's dance band, Hunter's Croonaders, played for Boise area dances and performed on the tour ship S.S. President Jackson. Howard W. Hunter is in the center of image.
(Photographer unidentified)
Perris Welfare Farm Perris Welfare Farm, ca. 1951
Age: 44
Church welfare farm duty, California, left to right, A.K. Berry, Howard W. Hunter, and Daken Broadhead.
(Photographer unidentified)
Mexico Mexico, ca. 1980
Age: 73
Touring Mexican archaeological site with New World Archaelogical Foundation members.
(Photographer unidentified)
General Conference General Conference, 1989
Age: 81
Howard W. Hunter shares a light moment with Apostles Marvin J. Ashton, and L. Tom Perry.
(Photographer unidentified)