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Images and Multimedia
Brigham Young, Served 1847–-1877
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Brigham Young with Panama Hat Brigham Young with Panama Hat, ca. 1864
Age: 63
Brigham Young's daughter, Clarissa Young Spencer, remembered that her father wore "a panama hat" during the summer months.
(Charles R. Savage, photographer)
Brigham Young Brigham Young, 1871
Age: 70
Classic period pose taken on President Young's 70th birthday, 1 June 1871.
(Charles R. Savage, photographer)
Brigham Young and His Brothers Brigham Young and His Brothers, 1866
Age: 65
Left to right: Lorenzo Dow Young, Brigham Young, Phineas Howe Young, Joseph Young, and John Young.
(Savage and Ottinger Photography Studio)
Brigham Young with Cane Brigham Young with Cane, 1876
Age: 75
Famous image of President Young in his later years.
(Charles R. Savage, photographer)


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