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Significant Events
Wilford Woodruff, Served 1887–1898
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Significant Events

Birth: Born Mar. 1, 1807, in Avon (Farmington), Hartford Co., Connecticut, to Aphek Woodruff and Beulah Thompson.

Ordained an Apostle: Apr. 26, 1839, at age 32.

Became President: Apr. 7, 1889, at age 82. Served 9 years (1889–1898).

Death: Died on Sept. 2, 1898, at the age of 91, in San Francisco, San Francisco Co., California.

Wilford Woodruff

1807 March 1   Born in Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut, to Aphek Woodruff and Beulah Thompson.
1821 Age 14 Began learning the trade of miller.
1830 Age 23 Informed by Robert Mason of the restoration of the gospel.
1833 December 31 Age 26 Baptized into the Church.
1834 April Age 27 Met Joseph Smith in Kirtland, Ohio.
1834 May Age 27 Participated in march of Zion's Camp.
1834–1836 Age 27–29 Served mission to southern states.
1837–1838 Age 30–31 Served mission to eastern states and Fox Islands.
1839 April 26 Age 32 Ordained Apostle by Brigham Young.
1839–1841 Age 32–34 Served mission to Great Britain.
1842 Age 35 Started as business manager of Times and Seasons.
1843–1844 Age 36–37 Served mission to eastern states to solicit money for building of the Nauvoo Temple.
1844 Age 37 Mission to eastern states; learned of martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
1844–1846 Age 37–39 Presided over European Mission.
1847 July 24 Age 40 Entered Salt Lake Valley with Brigham Young.
1848–1850 Age 41–43 Presided over the Church in the eastern states.
1850 Age 43 Appointed to the Utah Territorial Legislature, serving one term in lower house and twenty sessions in upper house.
1852 Age 45 Appointed clerk and historian of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
1856 Age 49 Appointed Church Historian.
1856–1861 Age 49–54 On board of directors of Deseret Agriculture and Manufacturing Society.
1862–1877 Age 55–70 President of Deseret Agriculture and Manufacturing Society.
1867 Age 60 Participated in reestablishment of the School of the Prophets.
1877 Age 70 Appointed president of St. George Utah Temple.
1879 Age 72 Reformed missionary work among Indians while in hiding.
1880 October 10 Age 73 Sustained as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
1881 Age 74 Became superintendent of Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association.
1885–1887 Age 78–80 Went into self-imposed exile, with headquarters in St. George, Utah.
1887–1889 Age 80–82 Led Church as President of the Quorum of the Twelve.
1888 May 17 Age 81 Manti Utah Temple dedicated in private services.
1889 April 7 Age 82 Sustained as President of the Church.
1890 September 24 Age 83 Issued the Manifesto.
1893 April 6 Age 86 Salt Lake Temple dedicated.
1894 October 25 Age 87 Inaugurated weekday religious education classes, a precursor to seminary and institute programs.
1894 November 13 Age 87 Organized Genealogical Society of Utah.
1896 January 4 Age 88 Utah achieves statehood.
1896 November 5 Age 89 Fast day changed from first Thursday to first Sunday of each month.
1898 September 2 Age 91 Died in San Francisco, California.


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