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Wilford Woodruff, Served 1887–1898


“I always have had faith in the Bible and in the revelations of God since I was a boy like these sitting on these seats, eight or ten years old, when I went to the Presbyterian Sunday School and read about Jesus Christ. I believed then that he was the Saviour of the world; I believed that the Old and New Testament was true. I believe it today.
( Deseret News Weekly, July 21, 1875, 388. )

“I am thankful before the Lord for the blessings that I have enjoyed in this conference and for the testimonies I have heard from these Apostles. They speak as men having authority, inspired by the Spirit of God, and they speak the truth. Many of our friends that have labored with us have passed away. We ourselves shall pass away in our time. I may say that if it had not been for the prayers of these thousands of Latter-day Saints, I today should have been mingling with my brethren in the spirit world. I know that I have been preserved by the prayers of my brethren and sisters, and I am still with you. I feel very weak, and hardly qualified to magnify my calling as an apostle, as the leader of the people of Israel; in fact, no man is, only as moved upon by the power of God. What little time I may stay here I hope my heart will not be set on the riches of this world, but on doing the will of God and uniting with my brethren in bearing off the great work and responsibility resting upon us. If we will do this, all will be right.”
( Millennial Star, Apr. 9, 1894, 228–229. )

“I rejoice in the Gospel of the Son of God as he has revealed it in this our day; I rejoice in the organization of the Church and Kingdom of God, and in the revelations of heaven. I read them with a great deal of interest, for I know they are true; and, therefore, I look forward with assurance to their fulfillment in the earth.”
( Deseret News Weekly, May 17, 1882, 259. )

“I well remember the first sermon I heard; my conviction was that I had learned more about God and the things of his kingdom than I had learned in all my previous life. I believed the gospel then, and I not only believe it now, but I know it to be true. Since then I have received much valuable instruction through the revelations of God that have been made manifest; and I have never yet heard a principle set forth, but I have been able to see beauty and glory connected with it.”
( Deseret News Weekly, Sept. 26, 1860, 234. )

“I want to live as long as I can do good; but not an hour longer than I can live in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, with my Father in heaven, my Savior, and with the faithful Latter-day Saints. To live any longer than this would be torment and misery to me. When my work is done I am ready to go; but I want to do what is required of me.”
( Deseret News Weekly, Sept. 15, 1869, 380. )

“It has been my faith and belief from the time that I was made acquainted with the gospel that no greater prophet than Joseph Smith ever lived on the face of the earth save Jesus Christ. He was raised up to stand at the head of this great dispensation—the greatest of all dispensations God has ever given to man. He remarked on several occasions when conversing with his brethren: "Brethren, you do not know me, you do not know who I am."”
( Deseret News Weekly, Dec. 29, 1880, 754. )