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Images and Multimedia
Lorenzo Snow, Served 1898–1901
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Age 39

Age 53

Age 56

Age 72

Age 78


First Presidency First Presidency, 1900
Age: 86
President Snow and counselors. Left to right: George Q. Cannon, Lorenzo Snow, and Joseph F. Smith
(Fox and Symons, Photography Studio)
Lorenzo Snow Posed Next to Pillar Lorenzo Snow Posed Next to Pillar, ca. 1865
Full length image of Apostle Snow at Savage's downtown Salt Lake City Photography Studio.
(Charles R. Savage, photographer )
Lorenzo Snow speaking at funeral Lorenzo Snow speaking at funeral, 1899
Age: 85
Lorenzo Snow speaking at the funeral of Alvin Nichols, Box Elder Stake Tabernacle.
(Photographer unidentified )
Lorenzo Snow Funeral Lorenzo Snow Funeral, 1901
View of Lorenzo Snow's funeral carriage at Brigham City.
(Photographer unidentified)