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Significant Events
Joseph F. Smith, Served 1901–1918
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Significant Events

Birth: Born Nov. 13, 1838, in Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri, to Hyrum Smith and Mary Fielding.

Ordained an Apostle: July 1, 1866, at age 27.

Became President: Oct. 17, 1901, at age 62. Served 17 years (1901–1918).

Death: Died on Nov. 19, 1918, at the age of 80, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

Joseph F. Smith,

Historical Summary
1838 November 13   Born in Far West, Caldwell County, Missouri, to Hyrum Smith and Mary Fielding.
1844 June 27 Age 5 Joseph and Hyrum Smith martyred at Carthage Jail.
1846 September–1848 September Age 7–9 Drove team of oxen for Mary Fielding Smith family from Nauvoo, Illinois, to Salt Lake Valley.
1852 May 21 Age 13 Baptized by President Heber C. Kimball.
1852 September 21 Age 13 Mary Fielding Smith died.
1854–1857 Age 16–19 Served mission to Sandwich Islands (Hawaii).
1858 Age 20 Joined Nauvoo Legion (Utah Territory's militia) and served in Echo Canyon campaign of Utah War.
1860–1863 Age 21–24 Served mission to Great Britain.
1864 Age 26–27 Served special mission to Hawaii with Elders Ezra T. Benson and Lorenzo Snow.
1865–1874 Age 27–36 Member of Utah Territorial Legislature.
1866 July 1 Age 27 Ordained an Apostle and set apart as a counselor in the First Presidency.
1874–1875, 1877 Age 36–37, 39 Served two terms as president of the European Mission.
1878 Age 40 Served short term mission to eastern United States in interest of history of the Church.
1880 October 10 Age 41 Sustained as second counselor to President John Taylor.
1884–1891 Age 46–53 Went into voluntary exile due to the practice of plural marriage.
1889 April 7 Age 50 Sustained as second counselor to President Wilford Woodruff.
1893 Age 55 Member of constitutional convention for state of Utah.
1898 September 13 Age 59 Became second counselor to President Lorenzo Snow.
1901 November 10 Age 62 Became President of the Church in a special conference.
1906 July–September Age 67 First President of the Church to tour Europe during his administration.
1909 November Age 74 First Presidency issued the doctrinal exposition “The Origin of Man.”
1911 September Age 72 Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association adopted the Boy Scout program, named MIA Scouts.
1912 Age 73 Granite Seminary in Salt Lake City housed first released-time classes.
1913 Age 74 Young Women's Mutual Improvement Association adopted the Campfire Girls summer program; 1914, replaced with year-round Beehive Girls program.
1913 July 27 Age 74 Dedicated the site for the Cardston Alberta Temple.
1915 April 27 Age 76 First Presidency urged members to hold regular home evenings.
1915 June 1 Age 76 Dedicated the site for the Laie Hawaii Temple.
1916 June 30 Age 77 First Presidency and the Twelve issued the doctrinal exposition "The Father and the Son."
1918 October 3 Age 79 Received the Vision of the Redemption of the Dead, which became Doctrine and Covenants 138.
1918 November 19 Age 80 Died in the Beehive House, Salt Lake City, Utah.


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