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Images and Multimedia
David O. McKay, Served 1951–1970
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Samoa Samoa, ca. 1920
Age: 47
David O. McKay and Hugh Cannon pose in Samoan photograph studio during their 1920–21 world tour to visit members and missionaries.
(Photographer unidentified)
President and Mrs. McKay, London President and Mrs. McKay, London, 1952
Age: 79
President and Mrs. McKay in London attending a Buckingham Palace Garden Party given by Queen Elizabeth II; July 17, 1952
(Photographer unidentified)
Swiss Temple dedication Swiss Temple dedication, 1955
Age: 82
Swiss Temple dedication, September 13, 1955. Left to right: George Albert Smith Jr., Richard L. Evans, David O. McKay, Emma McKay, and Spencer W. Kimball.
(Photographer unidentified)
Sacred Grove Sacred Grove, 1951
Age: 78
President and Mrs. McKay visit the Sacred Grove, August 1951.
(Photographer unidentified)
President McKay Greeting Children President McKay Greeting Children, 1955
Age: 82
David O. McKay visits with children during a visit to in England in 1955.
(Hal Rumell, photographer)
Lyndon Baines Johnson Visit with the McKays Lyndon Baines Johnson Visit with the McKays, 1964
Age: 91
United States President Lyndon B. Johnson pays a "surprise visit" to President and Mrs. McKay, Sept. 17, 1964 at the Hotel Utah.
(Photographer unidentified)