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Basic Facts
David O. McKay, 9th President of the Church
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Basic Facts

Birth Date: September 8, 1873
Death Date: January 18, 1970
Years as President: 1951–1970

"Every member a missionary!"

Biographical Sketch:
Born on September 8, 1873, David O. McKay spent his youth in Huntsville, Utah. He studied at the Weber Stake Academy and the University of Utah to prepare for a career in education. After completing formal schooling and a mission, he married his college sweetheart, Emma Ray Riggs, in 1901. Five years later, at the age of 32, he was called as an Apostle, beginning a life of service in the Church's highest councils. He was sustained as President of the Church on April 9, 1951. He expanded the vision of the Church's worldwide mission, and under his administration, the first stakes were created outside of the United States. He also strengthened Church membership with a renewed emphasis on the value of family life and education. After 44 years in the Quorum of the Twelve and 19 as Church President, David O. McKay died on January 18, 1970, in Salt Lake City at the age of 96.