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  • "My beloved friends, my dear brethren, ask yourselves, “Where is my treasure?” Is your heart set on the convenient things of this world, or is it focused on the teachings of the diligent Jesus Christ?"

    —Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Lord, Is It I?"
    Topics: Eye Single to Glory of God, Humility

  • "A useful way to think about the commandments is they are loving counsel from a wise, all-knowing Heavenly Father. His goal is our eternal happiness, and His commandments are the road map He has given us to return to Him, which is the only way we will be eternally happy."

    —L. Tom Perry, "Obedience to Law is Liberty"
    Topics: Commandments

  • "We have become as a great army. We are now a people of consequence. Our voice is heard when we speak up. We have demonstrated our strength in meeting adversity. Our strength is our faith in the Almighty. No cause under the heavens can stop the work of God. Adversity may raise its ugly head. The world may be troubled with wars and rumors of wars, but this cause will go forward."

    —Gordon B. Hinckley, "Living in the Fulness of Times", Ensign, November 2001
    Topics: Adversity

  • "Obedience builds faith in Christ. Faith is a principle of action and power. Consistently following the Savior’s example produces spiritual power and capacity. Without the strengthening and enabling power of the Atonement, it’s impossible to stay on the path and endure."

    —Kevin W. Pearson, "Stay by the Tree"
    Topics: Endure to the End

  • "I bear my witness that the Lord has asked each of us, His disciples, to help bear one another’s burdens. We have promised to do it. I bear my testimony that the Lord, through His Atonement and Resurrection, has broken the power of death. I give my witness that the living Christ sends the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, to those we are pledged to help Him comfort."

    —Henry B. Eyring, "The Comforter"
    Topics: Atonement, Resurrection

  • "The Lord loves every person who might hear His message, and He knows the hearts and circumstances of each one. He knows what correction, what encouragement, and what gospel truth will best help each person to choose his or her way along the path to eternal life."

    —Henry B. Eyring, "Prophecy and Personal Revelation"
    Topics: God's Love

  • "Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you but on what happens inside of you. It is measured by the spirit with which you meet the problems of life."

    —Harold B. Lee, "A Sure Trumpet Sound: Quotations from President Lee"
    Topics: Happiness

  • "I believe that we can accomplish any object that we make up our minds to, and no boy or girl ought to sit down and say, because they cannot do as well as somebody else, that they will not do anything."

    —Heber J. Grant, "Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Heber J. Grant"
    Topics: Goals, Confidence

  • "You should express regularly to your wife and children your reverence and respect for her. Indeed, one of the greatest things a father can do for his children is to love their mother."

    —Howard W. Hunter, "Being a Righteous Husband and Father"
    Topics: Mothers, Love

  • "I testify that each of us is a beloved child of Heavenly Father. He loves us with all of His heart. Take time to read about Him, pray to Him, and attend church to worship Him. I know that He will give you that feeling of warmth and love in your heart. Then you can know that you are a child of God, your life has a purpose, and everything will be all right."

    —Paul B. Pieper, "You Are a Child of God"
    Topics: God's Love, Child of God