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  • "The Lord will bless us as we attend to the sacred ordinance work of the temples. Blessings there will not be limited to our temple service. We will be blessed in all of our affairs."

    —Boyd K. Packer, "The Holy Temple"
    Topics: Family history

  • "We each can learn much from our early pioneer ancestors, whose struggles and heartaches were met with resolute courage and an abiding faith in a living God."

    —Thomas S. Monson, "Teaching Our Children"
    Topics: Family history, Prophetic Messages

  • "We can always take courage from the assurance that we all once felt the joy of being together as a member of the beloved family of our Heavenly Father. With God’s help we can all feel that hope and that joy again."

    —Henry B. Eyring, "To My Grandchildren"
    Topics: Family

  • "There is no superior career, and no amount of money, authority, or public acclaim can exceed the ultimate rewards of family."

    —D. Todd Christofferson, "The Moral Force of Women"
    Topics: Family

  • "As children of God, we should love Him with all our heart and soul, even more than we love our earthly parents. We should love our neighbors as brothers and sisters. No other commandments are greater than these."

    —Russell M. Nelson, "Decisions for Eternity"

  • "There is no better setting for rearing the rising generation than the traditional family, where a father and a mother work in harmony to provide for, teach, and nurture their children. Where this ideal does not exist, people strive to duplicate its benefits as best they can in their particular circumstances."

    —D. Todd Christofferson, "The Moral Force of Women"
    Topics: Family

  • "Let us be at the forefront in protecting time for family."

    —Quentin L. Cook, "Lamentations of Jeremiah: Beware of Bondage"
    Topics: Family

  • "We look on marriage and the bearing and nurturing of children as part of God’s plan and a sacred duty of those given the opportunity to do so. We believe that the ultimate treasures on earth and in heaven are our children and our posterity."

    —Dallin H. Oaks, "No Other Gods"
    Topics: Family

  • "Too often we tend to split the Lord’s work into parts that seem unrelated. Whether it is preaching the gospel to nonmembers, serving with new converts, reactivating less-active members, teaching and strengthening active members, or performing family history and temple work, the work really is indivisible. These efforts are not separate. They are all part of the work of salvation."

    —Russell M. Nelson, "The Work of Salvation: Parable of a Father at Bedtime"
    Topics: Work of Salvation

  • "It is impossible for us to fail when we do our best when we are on the Lord’s errand."

    —M. Russell Ballard, "Put Your Trust in the Lord"
    Topics: Work of Salvation