Daily Messages

Words for You to Ponder Today


  • "In the eternal perspective, both the procreative power and the priesthood power are shared by husband and wife."

    —M. Russell Ballard, "This Is My Work and Glory"
    Topics: Family, Priesthood

  • "We do not find the Savior using force or coercion to accomplish His purposes."

    —Ezra Taft Benson, "Chapter 15: The Sacred Callings of Fathers and Mothers"
    Topics: Priesthood

  • "Let us take most seriously the callings, the responsibilities, and the duties which come with the priesthood we hold."

    —Thomas S. Monson, "The Priesthood--a Sacred Gift"
    Topics: Priesthood

  • "The priesthood of God … is as indispensable to the true Church of God as it is unique to it."

    —Jeffrey R. Holland, "Our Most Distinguishing Feature"
    Topics: Priesthood

  • "General conference provides a great opportunity to let the Lord strengthen your power to serve in the priesthood of God."

    —Henry B. Eyring, "Priesthood and Personal Prayer"
    Topics: Priesthood

  • "All of the ordinances invite us to increase our faith in Jesus Christ and to make and keep covenants with God. As we keep these sacred covenants, we receive priesthood power and blessings."

    —Neil L. Andersen, "Power in the Priesthood"
    Topics: Covenants, Priesthood

  • "We are beloved spirit sons and daughters of heavenly parents, with a divine nature and destiny. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, loved us enough to give His life for us. His Atonement provides the way for us to progress on the path to our heavenly home, through sacred priesthood ordinances and covenants."

    —Carole M. Stephens, "Do We Know What We Have"
    Topics: Atonement, Priesthood, Covenants

  • "The blessings of the priesthood are available to everyone. Indeed, the Father “inviteth … all to come unto him and partake of his goodness; and he denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free, male and female; … all are alike unto God” (2 Ne. 26:33) (Robert D. Hales, "Blessings of the Priesthood," October 1995 general conference)."

    —Robert D. Hales, "Blessings of the Priesthood"
    Topics: Priesthood

  • "I have observed three common characteristics of the priesthood holders who are my heroes. One is a pattern of prayer, the second is a habit of service, and the third is a rock-hard decision to be honest."

    —Henry B. Eyring, "The Priesthood Man"
    Topics: Priesthood

  • "In the eyes of God, whether in the Church or in the family, women and men are equal, with different responsibilities."

    —Dallin H. Oaks, "The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood"
    Topics: Priesthood