Daily Messages

Words for You to Ponder Today


  • "Do you realize how marvelous it is that you can call upon the Atonement? The Lord effected the Atonement for our sakes. And there isn’t anything that you can’t repent from and that you can’t be rescued from if you will repent and be determined to make the decision."

    —Boyd K. Packer, "Teaching in the Church"
    Topics: Atonement, Repentance

  • "Be assured that the Savior loves you so much that He made it possible for you to change and to repent if you make a mistake. Satan does not want you to think you can change. He will try to convince you that all is lost. That is a lie. You can return. You can repent. You can be pure and holy because of the Savior's infinite Atonement."

    —Elaine S. Dalton, "Be Not Moved!"
    Topics: Atonement, Repentance, Jesus Christ

  • "From the Atonement of the Savior flows the soothing salve that can heal our spiritual wounds and remove guilt. However, this salve can only be applied through the principles of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, and consistent obedience. The results of sincere repentance are peace of conscience, comfort, and spiritual healing and renewal."

    —David A. Bednar, "We Believe in Being Chaste"
    Topics: Atonement, Jesus Christ, Repentance

  • "There’s a word, 'repent.' What does the 're' in repent mean? It means you do it again—repeat, repent. And then you have to backtrack to the point where you went off track and go forward, free from the challenges that were with you then."

    —Boyd K. Packer, "Teaching in the Church"
    Topics: Work of Salvation, Repentance