Daily Messages

Words for You to Ponder Today


  • "It’s never too early and it’s never too late to lead, guide, and walk beside our children, because families are forever."

    —Bradley D. Foster, "It’s Never Too Early and It’s Never Too Late"
    Topics: Family

  • "Many things are good, many are important, but only a few are essential."

    —D. Todd Christofferson, "Why Marriage, Why Family"
    Topics: Family

  • "In the eternal perspective, both the procreative power and the priesthood power are shared by husband and wife."

    —M. Russell Ballard, "This Is My Work and Glory"
    Topics: Family, Priesthood

  • "The family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children."

    — , "The Family: A Proclamation to the World"
    Topics: Family

  • "Those who do not marry or those who cannot have children are not excluded from the eternal blessings they seek."

    —Boyd K. Packer, "The Witness"
    Topics: Family

  • "While many governments and well-meaning individuals have redefined marriage, the Lord has not."

    —Neil L. Andersen, "Spiritual Whirlwinds"
    Topics: Family

  • "Husbands and wives, as co-creators, should eagerly and prayerfully invite children into their homes."

    —Ezra Taft Benson, "Chapter 15: The Sacred Callings of Fathers and Mothers"
    Topics: Family

  • "Married couples are tried by temptation, misunderstandings, financial problems, family crises, and illness, and all the while love grows stronger. Mature love has a bliss not even imagined by newlyweds."

    —Boyd K. Packer, "The Plan of Happiness"
    Topics: Family

  • "Our doctrinal obligation is to our own ancestors. This is because the celestial organization of heaven is based on families. The First Presidency has encouraged members, especially youth and young single adults, to emphasize family history work and ordinances for their own family names or the names of ancestors of their ward and stake members. We need to be connected to both our roots and branches. The thought of being associated in the eternal realm is indeed glorious."

    —Quentin L. Cook, "Roots and Branches"
    Topics: Family

  • "The secret of a happy marriage is to serve God and each other. The goal of marriage is unity and oneness, as well as self-development."

    —Ezra Taft Benson, "Chapter 14: Marriage and Family--Ordained of God"
    Topics: Family