Daily Messages

Words for You to Ponder Today


  • "Self-reliance is a product of our work and undergirds all other welfare practices. It is an essential element in our spiritual as well as our temporal well-being."

    —Thomas S. Monson, "Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare"
    Topics: Self-reliance, Prophetic Messages

  • "It is important to understand that self-reliance is a means to an end. Our ultimate goal is to become like the Savior, and that goal is enhanced by our unselfish service to others. Our ability to serve is increased or diminished by the level of our self-reliance."

    —Robert D. Hales, "A Gospel Vision of Welfare: Faith in Action"
    Topics: Self-reliance

  • "All of us are responsible to provide for ourselves and our families in both temporal and spiritual ways. To provide providently, we must practice the principles of provident living: joyfully living within our means, being content with what we have, avoiding excessive debt, and diligently saving and preparing for rainy-day emergencies."

    —Robert D. Hales, "Becoming Provident Providers Temporally and Spiritually"
    Topics: Self-reliance