I’ll plant the daisy here
By the delphinium
Near the fence.
And if I do my part
Watering and weeding,
I’ll surely soon have
White and blue
In one part of my garden.
Surely I’ll have
Daisy white, delphinium blue;
Of other things I’d have
I’m not as sure.
My children,
Lovelier than flowers,
Cannot be put in places
I would choose.
Their wills must be their own.
Weedy influences
I cannot pull.
I give to them the water
Of God’s word
But cannot be assured
They will receive.
I cannot plant
My children in one place
And know
What they will be
When they are grown.
So, filling my need for
Something that is certain,
For something in my life
That’s almost sure,
I plant these daisies here
In my garden
By the delphiniums
Near the fence.