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Mar. 1971


Message from the First Presidency:

Message from the First Presidency: Preparing Our Youth
Harold B. Lee 
A Gift from HeavenGeorge Durrant 
Women and the ScripturesMarianne C. Sharp 
Temples—The Gates to HeavenMarion G. Romney 

The Spoken Word

And so we search …
Richard L. Evans 

The Spoken Word

The Gift of Personal Peace
Richard L. Evans 
In Grateful RemembranceGordon B. Hinckley 


Leonore Parkinson 
General Conference in EnglandAlbert L. Zobell Jr. 
A Disease Called PrideTheodore M. Burton 
The Value of Music in My LifeWilma Boyle Bunker 
A Hundred-Hundred MarriageSterling W. Sill 
Thunder of JoyWendell J. Ashton 
JudaismEllis T. Rasmussen 
Mexican FoodMary Pratt Parrish 
The Magic of GratitudeGeraldine P. Anderson 
Arms Control in the ’70sEdwin Brown Firmage 


Transformation at Dusk
Robert J. Christensen 
Religion and the World 
Don’t Lose the Whites of Their EyesDella Mae Rasmussen 
The Rising Sun of the GospelLorin F. Wheelwright 
Our Readers Write 

In Memoriam:

In Memoriam: A. William Lund (1886–1971)
Albert L. Zobell Jr. 
Programs and Policies Newsletter 
Today’s FamilyMabel Jones Gabbott 
Seeing is Sampling 
9:30 A.M. ThursdayMildred V. Barthel 
Testimony of a Young MotherMarsha Castleton 
After All 


Editorial: Fearlessness