To a Friend

Do you ever wonder, my
dear friend, where it began,
our similar
mind and thought? Were we as one
in time without an end, unborn
intelligence, and unbegot?
And have I walked beside you yet
before, eternally progressing
down the light? Together did
we stand on heaven’s shore
and fling
our questions at the listening night?
And when the summons
came for one
to go, and one a very little
time to wait, I think we must
have clung together, so, and vowed
our friendship at the mortal gate.
I heard you cry as I began the fall,
“Oh, promise to recall! recall! recall!”

In the Urgent Moment

Dear Lord—my life so frequently is teeming
with motion and commotion of a kind
that makes an hour of silence and reflection
almost impossible, sometimes, to find.
But yet I need thee in the urgent moment,
and cannot wait for quiet to implore—
so I must seek thee quickly out of chaos,
as often to adore thee as implore.
Receive the offering swiftly as it leaves me;
informal though it be, it’s fresh and free.
If I should wait until the solemn evening,
my orison would be stale bread to thee.