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June 1971

Out of the DarknessJoseph Fielding Smith 
The Iron RodHarold B. Lee 
“Choose You This Day”N. Eldon Tanner 
Voices of the Past, of the Present, of the FutureSpencer W. Kimball 
Changing LivesEdwin O. Haroldsen 
General Thomas L. Kane: the SoldierNorman R. Bowen and Albert L. Zobell Jr. 
The One Hundred and Forty-First Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

Saturday Morning Session, April 3, 1971

Love of the Right
Marvin J. Ashton 
Life Is EternalEzra Taft Benson 

Saturday Afternoon Session, April 3, 1971

Satan—The Great Deceiver
Marion G. Romney 
Be Slow to AngerElRay L. Christiansen 
“When Thou Art Converted”S. Dilworth Young 
“Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery”Milton R. Hunter 
Great ExperiencesSterling W. Sill 
The Law of AbundanceFranklin D. Richards 
Warnings from the PastMark E. Petersen 

Priesthood Session, April 3, 1971

Our Responsibilities As Priesthood Holders
Joseph Fielding Smith 
Prepare Every Needful ThingHoward W. Hunter 
“Teach One Another”David B. Haight 
The Meaning of MoralityVictor L. Brown 
Unchanging Principles of LeadershipWendell J. Ashton 
Search for the WanderersN. Eldon Tanner 
Today’s Young PeopleHarold B. Lee 

Sunday Morning Session, April 4, 1971

My Brother’s Keeper
John H. Vandenberg 
The Message of the RestorationA. Theodore Tuttle 
“Except the Lord Build the House …”Gordon B. Hinckley 
Where Are You Really Going?Richard L. Evans 

Sunday Afternoon Session, April 4, 1971

Eternal Joy Is Eternal Growth
Joseph Anderson 
The Lord’s People Receive RevelationBruce R. McConkie 
Ignorance Is ExpensiveHartman Rector Jr. 
Drink of the Pure WaterLoren C. Dunn 
Kingdom of GodTheodore M. Burton 
Love of GodBernard P. Brockbank 


To a Friend
Virginia Maughan Kammeyer 


In the Urgent Moment
Evalyn M. Sandberg 

Tuesday Morning Session, April 6, 1971

“The Spirit Beareth Record”
Boyd K. Packer 
Ye Shall Not FearAlvin R. Dyer 
Practicing What We PreachMarion D. Hanks 
Marriage Is Intended to Be ForeverJames A. Cullimore 
Lost BattalionsThomas S. Monson 

Tuesday Afternoon Session, April 6, 1971

In the Mountain of the Lord’s House
LeGrand Richards 
All May Share in Adam’s BlessingEldred G. Smith 
Young People—Learn Wisdom in Thy YouthPaul H. Dunn 
Honesty and IntegrityDelbert L. Stapley 
Help Needed in the Shaded AreasWilliam H. Bennett 
Man Cannot Endure on Borrowed LightHenry D. Taylor 
A Witness and a BlessingJoseph Fielding Smith 

The Spoken Word

Two fools quarreling
Richard L. Evans 

The Spoken Word

“Your children to whom you must relinquish all”
Richard L. Evans 
Teacher in Stocking FeetWendell J. Ashton 
New College Presidents 
Church Administration BuildingBurl Shephard 
Our Readers Write 
Religion in the World 
Mission Presidents 
Programs and Policies Newsletter 
Today’s FamilyMabel Jones Gabbott 
Bread May Come Back CakeEmma Lou W. Thayne 
Jot It DownLouise Price Bell 
After All 


Editorial: Population, Pollution, and You