Head and Heart

Head is logical,

Is strong—

But heart, perhaps,

Less often wrong.

Virginia Scott Miner

Three-year old Todd came running to his father, crying because his sister Tami had hit him.

“Did you have it coming?” his father asked.

“No, she hit me when I was going.”

Verlene W. Tanner
Provo, Utah

Marriage Note

If you hope for a marriage made in heaven

And want love to flow like a beautiful hymn,

When you’re busy assisting the angels

Just leave all the harping to them.

Frances Moore Parker
Monroe, Louisiana

Worried youngster at Primary: “Sister Killian said she was going to turn the time over to Sister Bradbury, but I didn’t see a clock.”

Ron and Marsha Clark
Worthington, Ohio

Customer in a branch post office: “This package contains a very fragile vase—please throw it underhand.”

After All Quiz—

1. The first railroad from the Atlantic to the Pacific was not built in the United States. What country built one first?

2. Rice is the oldest known grain in worldwide use. How do we know this?


Ask thyself, daily, to how many ill-minded persons thou hast shown a kind disposition.

Marcus Antoninas

You’ve heard, of course, of the new health food combination—yeast and shoe polish for those who like to rise and shine.

“Papa ran over my bicycle when he backed the car out of the garage,” wailed the little boy. His mother replied, “How many times have I warned you not to leave it in the middle of the lawn?”

Little Kent dialed the telephone, then looked up at his mother and said, “I’ll call again after the lady gets off the phone.”

“What lady?”

“The lady who said, ‘Hang up and dial again.’”

Ethel Bell
Ventura, California

Some Latter-day Saints were listening to general conference on their car radio. When members were asked to sustain the authorities, they raised their hands in the car—and were greatly surprised to note that passengers in several cars around them also had their hands raised.

Barbara Seager
Corona, California

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  • 1. The Republic of Panama. 2. It is mentioned in the Bible and in earliest Greek and Roman literature.