I Temptation

He saw the cities alabaster white
Beyond the Jordan, through Philistia,
Jerusalem resplendent from the height,
And aliens banished from Samaria,
Himself as David’s rightful heir, in might
Avenging Judah—Rome, Assyria,
And Babylon—the ancient wrongs made right.
“All these are yours if you will worship me—
Dominion over all the land and sea,”
He heard, but chose the humble shepherd’s rod,
Rebuking: “Thou shalt worship only God.”
The Son of Man could yield to Satan’s wile.
The Son of God perceived the serpent’s guile.

II Transfiguration

He knew the wondrous story of his birth,
The prophecies, the miracles, the plan
Of life retold about the family hearth.
He knew his destiny to lift the ban
Of death from all the men of earth,
But Satan sows self-doubt in every man.
His legions undermine the prophet’s worth.
The witnesses were chosen well, the Rock,
The Sons of Thunder, Peter, James, and John.
They saw him speak with angels, skies unlock
The kingdom, heard the Father claim his Son.
The Son of Man climbed up the mountain’s side.
The Son of God descended, glorified.

III Crucifixion

He set his face toward the enemy
In full awareness of his coming fate
And bled his prayers in dark Gethsemane
And felt the hot and gathering net of hate.
He knew his own betrayer’s bloody fee
And Herod’s vitriolic concentrate.
He bore Sanhedrin’s shameful mockery
And heard his friends deny him at the gate.
As Satan shook the world in angry throes
And gnashed his ire in lightning-riven storm,
He drank the cup of mankind’s bitter woes
While darkening sky outlines his failing form.
The Son of Man endured Golgotha’s hour.
The Son of God, triumphant, rose in power.