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July 1972



The Mormon Mother
Susan McCloud 
A Day in the Life of President Joseph Fielding SmithJay M. Todd 
New General Authorities Sustained at Conference 
Elder John H. Vandenberg 
Elder Robert L. Simpson 
Bishop Victor L. Brown 
Bishop H. Burke PetersonNorman R. Bowen 
Bishop Vaughn J. FeatherstoneNorman R. Bowen 
The Presiding Bishops of the Church 
The One Hundred and Forty-Second Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
Counsel to the Saints and to the WorldJoseph Fielding Smith 
A Time of DecisionHarold B. Lee 
“Judge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged”N. Eldon Tanner 
Keep the Lines of Communication StrongSpencer W. Kimball 

Thursday morning session, April 6, 1972

A People of Sound Judgment
Mark E. Petersen 
We Are Called of GodLoren C. Dunn 
A Challenge to the PriesthoodVaughn J. Featherstone 
Setting the Example in the HomeH. Burke Peterson 

Thursday afternoon session, April 6, 1972

Courts of Love
Robert L. Simpson 
The Miracle of Missionary WorkMilton R. Hunter 
The Last DispensationAlvin R. Dyer 
Successful Parenthood—A Noteworthy AccomplishmentElRay L. Christiansen 
The Importance of a Personal TestimonyJames A. Cullimore 
Civic Standards for the Faithful SaintsEzra Taft Benson 

Saturday morning session, April 8, 1972

What Is Your Destination?
Marvin J. Ashton 
Our Witness to the WorldHartman Rector Jr. 
The Importance of PrayerFranklin D. Richards 
“Finishers Wanted”Thomas S. Monson 

Saturday afternoon session, April 8, 1972

What Will the Church Do for You, a Man?
Gordon B. Hinckley 
Am I My Brother’s Keeper?Henry D. Taylor 
Missionary Training Begins EarlyS. Dilworth Young 
Salvation and ExaltationTheodore M. Burton 
Man’s Eternal HorizonJoseph Anderson 
Be A Missionary—Always—Everywhere You Go!William H. Bennett 
A TeacherHoward W. Hunter 
A Missionary and His MessageHugh B. Brown 

General priesthood meeting, April 8, 1972

Eternal Keys and the Right to Preside
Joseph Fielding Smith 
The Aaronic Priesthood—A Sure FoundationVictor L. Brown 
The Fullness of the Gospel in Each Man’s LanguageJ. Thomas Fyans 
Know Thyself, Control Thyself, Give ThyselfPaul H. Dunn 
The Covenant of the PriesthoodMarion G. Romney 
The Priesthood: A Royal ArmyN. Eldon Tanner 
The Strength of the PriesthoodHarold B. Lee 

Sunday morning session, April 9, 1972

Joy through Christ
Marion D. Hanks 
A Foundation Whereon Men Cannot FallDavid B. Haight 
The Testimony of JesusBruce R. McConkie 
Why Stay Morally CleanBoyd K. Packer 

Sunday afternoon session, April 9, 1972

The True Church
LeGrand Richards 
PeaceEldred G. Smith 
Priesthood—Its Power and VitalityA. Theodore Tuttle 
Knowing GodBernard P. Brockbank 
Medicine for the SoulSterling W. Sill 
Whence Cometh Our Peace?John H. Vandenberg 
A Prophet’s BlessingJoseph Fielding Smith 
The Annual Report of the Church 
Our Readers Write 
A Melting Pot of Pioneer RecipesWinnifred C. Jardine 
Policies and Programs 
After All