Sunday School announcement:

The president says we’ll separate;

I wish he’d clarify.

I’d like to keep myself together,

At least until I die.

A little girl reporting on family home evening to her Primary teacher added, “We celebrated Mother’s birthday, too.”

“That’s lovely! How old is your mother?”

“She’s either 92 or 29—I can’t remember which.”

M . Watkins
Summit City, California

One Sunday, as I was quizzing my children on different topics, I asked what the four standard works were. My 5 1/2-year-old son answered: “Making my bed, feeding the dog, cleaning my bedroom, and sweeping the floor.”

Janet Atkinson
Salt Lake City, Utah

We had been encouraging our five-year-old daughter to bear her testimony in Junior Sunday School. Imagine our joy and surprise when, after Sunday School, she ran and put her arms around us and said, “Mama, Daddy, I ‘buried’ my testimony, right after Nancy, ‘buried’ hers!”

Judy Newlin
Fayetteville, North Carolina

My friends’ small son was playing football with a few of his companions when he saw one of them bend down and pick up a wallet. After looking around to see if anyone had witnessed his find, he pocketed the wallet. My friends’ son shouted to him, “You forgot to look up.”

Mrs. Angus McCuaig
Salt Lake City, Utah

A mother relates that one Sunday as she took her young son by the hand and walked with him to the chapel, she cautioned him against his usual rowdy behavior and added, “If I have any trouble from you today, I’ll bring you outside and paddle you.”

To the boy’s observation that she had nothing with which to paddle him, she said, “I’ll just break a switch off one of those trees.”

Not giving an inch, the boy retorted, “What would Heavenly Father think of you breaking up his stuff?”

Elder Dennis McMullin
Mercer Island, Washington

We were driving home from Sunday School with three well-scrubbed, bright-eyed children in the back seat. For the most part we were all engrossed in our own thoughts when suddenly everyone began to laugh.

Our three-year-old son was combing his hair and quietly singing to himself, “Comb, comb, ye Saints. …”

Jacque Felshaw
Pima, Arizona

Recently the discussion in our Family Home Evening class centered around the concept in Matthew 6:2 regarding doing good deeds without “sounding a trumpet,” to let everyone know of them.

To indicate how well the concept was received, one good sister was heard to comment, “In other words, let your light shine, but don’t toot your horn.”

Michael M. Frame
Price Utah

As Hope, the Sunday School chorister, arose to lead the congregation in “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet,” it was apparent that she was expecting a new baby. Midway through the hymn, chuckles were heard throughout the congregation as they sang, “There is Hope smiling brightly before us, and we know that deliverance is nigh.”

Mrs. Jerry A. David
Orem, Utah

Our family home evening lesson began with a discussion on Adam, and having established that he instructed his children, Mother asked what we thought he taught them. With unhesitating assurance, our ten-year-old replied, “Not to eat apples.”

Geneive Baker
Brisbane, Australia