New Department Oversees Church Music Activities

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    Elder O. Leslie Stone, Assistant to the Council of the Twelve, has been named by the First Presidency as managing director of a newly formed Church Music Department. The new organization replaces the former Church Music Committee and brings music activities into correlation with other Church departments.

    Elders Mark E. Petersen and Boyd K. Packer of the Council of the Twelve will serve as advisers to the new organization, which will have an advisory board comprised of Elder Stone, Wendell J. Ashton, Crawford Gates, A. Harold Goodman, and Isaac M. Stewart.

    The new organization consists of four departments:

    1. Church music, including the music areas of the Church auxiliaries. Coordinator is Robert Cundick, with Michael F. Moody as executive secretary. John R. Halliday will supervise the activities of the auxiliary music departments, while specialized areas will be supervised by James A. Mason. Both Brother Halliday and Brother Mason are with the Department of Music at Brigham Young University.

    2. The Tabernacle Choir, with Isaac M. Stewart, president; Richard P. Condie, director; Jay Welch, assistant director; Alexander Schreiner, chief organist; Robert Cundick and Roy M. Darley, assistant organists; Stanford P. Darger, general secretary; and Richard B. Carlson, librarian.

    3. Youth Symphony and Choir, with Jay Welch, director; Roy M. Darley, organist; and Richard Chatelain, general secretary.

    4. Assignments for organists other than with the Tabernacle Choir.