As we sat down to dinner our three-year-old son asked his father: “Aren’t you going to work tonight?”


“Aren’t you going to church tonight?”


“Well—I guess you won’t be late.”

Ila Winn
Cupertino, California

My four-year-old son, Kenneth, and I were selecting gift wrapping paper for my husband’s birthday. I picked out a masculine design and suggested that my son do the same. However, his mind was made up and he chose a paper suitable for a child’s gift.

A few days later, while wrapping our gifts, he said, “Know why I liked this children’s paper, Mommy? Because Dad’s a child of God, just like me.”

Kathryn Taught
Santa Ana, California

A concerned, disapproving mother observed her young son on the deacons row whispering and being inattentive during church. Later, seeing that he would pass the sacrament to her, she hurriedly scribbled a note and pressed it into his hand without a word or a sign. The boy, accustomed to passing announcements to those presiding, finished his sacrament duties and promptly gave the note to the bishop. Opening the note, the bishop was more than surprised to read: “You’re really going to catch it when you get home!”

Pauline McCleve
Tempe, Arizona

A definition of longsuffering: Being the last speaker at a meeting.

Dean H. Beyer
Marina, California

Our family loves being associated with the full-time missionaries, and we always seek their well-being in our family prayers. One night, after carefully listening to each prayer offered by the family members, our seven-year-old Melani came to me and asked, “Mommy, when we ask Heavenly Father to bless the missionaries in the field—well, is that like the field by our house?”

Patti Young
Corvallis, Oregon

Conducting a session of stake conference, a member of the stake presidency invited the high councilors to come forward and occupy their assigned seats on the stand. While waiting for them to comply, he remarked to the congregation, “Our high councilors are rather modest; we are trying to teach them not to be.”

George V. Crowshaw, Sr.
Pocatello, Idaho

’Twas quite a day,

full of excitement,

and lots of anticipation.

People came out

who had not come to church

since the days of creation.

The clerk made his count,

but doubted the tally

and thought it must be a trick.

But the count was right;

people always show up

for a change in the bishopric.

James W. Davidson
Los Angeles, California

Out of the Woods

Some trees grow tall

While others sprawl;

I guess that is true

Of people too.