Matter of Taste

By Donna Evleth

Dieting, terrible and hard,

Would be a cinch, I’ll stake,

If vegetables and cottage cheese

Would taste like pie and cake.

Recalling that a member of another ward had a daughter on a mission to Germany, I asked how she was getting along. The proud mother responded with, “Do you have a minute, or do you have all day?”

James W. Johnson
Eugene, Oregon

While living in Provo, Utah, where my husband was obtaining his masters degree from Brigham Young University, I gave birth to our fourth son, Joseph. One day, after we eventually returned to our home in Monticello, Utah, our five-year-old son, Paul, was talking with his grandmother, who was explaining that he and his brothers came from Heavenly Father to live with us.

With great seriousness he said, “Well, Grandma, maybe the twins and I came from Heavenly Father, but I know for a fact that we got Joseph in Provo.”

Pauline Smith Jensen
Monticello, Utah

My husband likes me to feel good, so he takes advantage of every opportunity to pay me compliments. These can come at unexpected times and under rather unusual circumstances. One morning as I peered in the mirror at my bedraggled reflection, I muttered with a sigh, “I look like the devil.” True to form my husband piped up with, “So that’s why a whole third followed him.”

Elena K. Shelley
Provo, Utah

At a recent sacrament meeting the bishop announced a building fund dinner at ten dollars a plate. Our six-year-old son leaned over to his mother and whispered, “Why don’t we save some money and just bring our own plates?”

E. Bruce Preece
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Wife (to branch president husband): “It would be so nice if I could sit beside you sometimes in the meetings.”

Husband: “How would you like to give a sacrament meeting talk next week?”

Joan P. Pearce
Whitley Bay, Northumberland, England

Mother bounced her four-year-old daughter firmly on a chair and told her to stay there because she had been naughty. After sitting quietly for a while, the little girl exclaimed: “I’ll bet if Daddy had known you were going to act this way, he wouldn’t have married you!”

Frances J. Rose
Magna, Utah

The question posed in our youth genealogy class was, “What is the purpose of genealogy?” Back came the answer: “To find out about our ‘aunt-sisters.’”

Frances Marchant
Milwaukee, Oregon