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July 1973

Strengthen the Stakes of Zion Harold B. Lee
“Thou Mayest Choose for Thyself” N. Eldon Tanner
Man—A Child of God Marion G. Romney
The Family Influence Spencer W. Kimball

Friday morning session, April 6, 1973

What Is a Living Prophet?
A. Theodore Tuttle
Consider Your Ways L. Tom Perry
“Go, and Do Thou Likewise” Robert L. Simpson
In His Strength Marvin J. Ashton

Friday afternoon session, April 6, 1973

Upon Judea’s Plains
Bruce R. McConkie
The Worth of Souls Is Great! Paul H. Dunn
The Agency of Man John H. Vandenberg
“Now Abideth Faith, Hope, and Charity” Vaughn J. Featherstone
“Watchman, Warn the Wicked” Ezra Taft Benson

Saturday morning session, April 7, 1973

Yellow Canaries with Gray on Their Wings
Thomas S. Monson
A Second Witness for Christ Loren C. Dunn
“And Always Remember Him” Henry D. Taylor
The True Strength of the Church Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday afternoon session, April 7, 1973

Behold Your Little Ones
Boyd K. Packer
Power of Evil David B. Haight
Success—A Journey or a Destination? Hartman Rector Jr.
The Constant Exercise of Our Faith O. Leslie Stone
Share the Unsearchable Riches of Christ Rex D. Pinegar
To Hear the Word of the Lord (Photo Section)
He Has Sent His Messenger to Prepare the Way LeGrand Richards

General priesthood session, April 7, 1973

The Aaronic Priesthood MIA
Victor L. Brown
Youth’s Opportunity to Serve Robert L. Backman
Reaching the One James E. Faust
Magnifying One’s Calling in the Priesthood Marion G. Romney
Priesthood Responsibilities N. Eldon Tanner
Follow the Leadership of the Church Harold B. Lee

Sunday morning session, April 8, 1973

The Path to Eternal Glory
Delbert L. Stapley
Hold Up Your Hands Sterling W. Sill
The Rock of Revelation Joseph Anderson

Sunday afternoon session, April 8, 1973

Salvation Comes through the Church
Mark E. Petersen
What Manner of Men? “As I Am” Marion D. Hanks
When I Read, I Am There S. Dilworth Young
The Continuing Power of the Holy Ghost Franklin D. Richards
“This Is My Gospel” Howard W. Hunter
“Stand Ye in Holy Places” Harold B. Lee
News of the Church