Volume 3 Number 8

[photo] On the cover: The Church in Europe

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Special Features


First Presidency Message: Your Light to Be a Standard unto the Nations President Harold B. Lee


“Here We Build Our Zion” Elder Gordon B. Hinckley


The Swiss Temple: Spiritual Heart of Europe Immo Luschin von Ebengreuth


A Walk by Faith John Fisher


The Church in Europe


To Be a Woman in the Church


The Munich Area General Conference


Profiles in Miniature: The European Saints


Frankfurt: Nerve Center of Mormon Europe


Fabulous Fondue Susan Arrington Hill


A New Home, a New Life: Contributions of the European Saints in Building the Kingdom Richard Jensen


“L Is for Indian”—And Other Family Projects Eileen G. Kump


Keeping the Lord’s Schedule Daryl V. Hoole


Music in the Church: A Conversation with Elder O. Leslie Stone


Regular Features


Searching the Scriptures: How to Face Temptation Robert J. Matthews




News of the Church


“Pointers for Parents: Just Five Minutes More Herbert A. Cooper






After All




Patriarch Elouise Bell