Bonds of love are so elasticized
They extend until, without surprise,
They can stretch full half-a-world away
To loved ones touched by word or thought each day.
Too often these same tenuous heart ties,
So much more tangled than we realize,
Do not even reach across the street
A lone soul’s cry or daily need to meet.

Wheat from the Chaff

I cannot know the ache
Of their tired muscles,
As they reaped their lean harvest.
I wasn’t a part
Of their decisions to include
An Indian brother
In the festivities and feasting.
I can only pray,
As I sit at today’s table,
That I will have courage
To withstand some lean harvests
And compassion to share
Whatever I possess
With today’s hungry brother.

The Path

I want
to walk
the path
with great
strides, at
my ease,
but still
the safest
way to
walk is
slowly, on
my knees.


In measuring love,
The statistics to keep
Are: Eternity long
And Infinity deep.